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wheat field

resource guide to AGRO-BUSINESS and export

In Nigeria, a new business is in town; that is agro business and export; a business with boundless value chains, largely yet untapped and which guarantee huge returns in investment. It is an open business operated in an open market, has and will open up opportunities for  hundreds of thousands of people. With Nigeria agro commodities such as ginger, garlic, sheabutter, sesame seed, cashew, gum Arabic etc increasingly demand overseas, everyone can be a player in this market........

The world undoubtedly has become a global community with the introduction of Information and Communication Technology.  Anything at all sells in the global market ranging from cassava (chips, starch,flour,stem ), charcoal, bitter kola, coconut, okro, yam etc, just name it.     Do you know that these products that are of Nigerian Origin are Hot Cakes in Foreign Markets.

Anything that is manufactured or sourced within Nigeria and taken out for sale outside the country is said to be exported. 

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e-commerce new retail  BUSINESS (earn n100,000 monthly with chy mall)

May I use this moment to bring to you an opportunity that will benefit you. It is an business like never before and opportunity of a lifetime. Surely, you have worked hard to generate some bucks of capital or your good God has been favorable to you as you have saved up investment capital. Now, what do you do with this savings?
It's obvious we are a lucky generation because we are preview to the wonders of technology. What if I reveal you an International company you never know with a physical presence that uses the new retail model, into E- commerce, Biotechnology and construction that is open to guarantee you good returns every 10 days.
It's a perfect side business idea. In fact, its the ultimate one. Before you say Jack, let me inform you the company does all the marketing effort so you don't have to talk to anyone to earn profit. Just stock your shop, place your trade and generate reoccurring profit from sales. I am perfectly very sure your life is about to take a corner

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resource guide to chemical production BUSINESS

The chemical industry in any country usually has the greatest business opportunities. In Nigeria, the opportunities in the chemical production and business is immeasurable and very vast that less than 6% of it has been tapped. This is in contrast to developed countries as United States, Uk, Canada and Asian countries whom have a more developed chemical market.
The reason is the fact that almost everything on the surface of the earth is composed of chemicals. Hence there is absolutely nothing that one can do in this life without involving chemical components at one stage or the other.
It is a necessity and no one can do without it. Now, think of it from the food we eat, the house we live, the road we use, the clothes we wear, drugs we take, water we drink, the land we farm, chemicals of various quantities and types have to make all these possible. This is the reason why there cannot be life as it is today without the chemical industry.

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