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The business industry in any country usually produces the greatest benefits and opportunities. In Nigeria, it is all the same. It is an exciting journey of hopes, successes and challenges. A business is a blue ocean of vast opportunities of much industry, creating positive experiences by impacting value to ordinary people, expanding to distant places and improving our world for good. The opportunities in starting and owning your own business are immeasurable. This whole idea of people all over, making good things to happen by taking a bold step to starting and owning a business defines the very concept of entrepreneurship and today, entrepreneurship is on the rise with over 500 million entrepreneurs around the world – and that means one in every 18 person own a business.
That number is only growing as many people are leaving their nine-to-five jobs to pursue their own entrepreneurial journey. In Nigeria, the massive youthful population is beginning to understand that their destiny lies in their hands by their daily choices and they, themselves can start and succeed in a business of their own. On the other hand, the government also has a role to play by initiating programs, policies and creating an enabling environment that support entrepreneurship. They also need to understand that entrepreneurship is the pathway for wealth creation and our economy can receive a boost from startups and innovative businesses. There is a positive trend as there is renewed hope for business. This is achievable considering how entrepreneurship has helped countries as United States, UK, Canada and Asian countries to achieve a more developed business landscape.


Today, tens of thousands of people are considering starting their own business. For good reasons, they have understood the plethora of benefits and opportunities that arise from having a business (es) of their own. They also get inspired by successful people who have their fortune from business and living the lives of their dream.

     However, starting and succeeding in a business venture is never a walk in the park. It requires due diligence, vision, discipline, a need and a positive passion to see one through. In a simple sense, one needs to find his voice. Your voice is your business unique personal significance and it is revealed as we face business challenges. It is not your talent, as your talent is your natural gifts and strengths, it is not passion as passion is things that naturally energized, excite, motivate and inspire you. Your voice is your soul’s code. Anyway, all these are fundamental and common sense principles of business success. This due diligence is what I will describe as “Pain Points”. Today, many prospective entrepreneurs in Nigeria face a lot of pain points when starting their own business. All these manifest when you hear them speak inaudibly from their heart; from statements such as “what business do I start”, “where should I invest my money”, “when should I start”, “should I do this business or a get a job”, “How will I start a business”, “can I start and manage a business to success”, “should I give the money to someone else to manage on my behalf”.

     It becomes worrisome when they have eventually come up with a business idea they are so sure but they have got no capital. This is a double whammy situation. Although it is cultural for Nigerian entrepreneurs to own their business entirely, many are not able to raise the funds to execute their ideas and generate a decent cash flow. They have to look for grants and equity funding, while they are not able to access or afford bank loans.

If you think that is all, there arises another scenario. How would you describe a situation where one has finally come up with a sound business idea, and even capital to start but he has got no technical or managerial skill to get it running? I understood this; it can be frustrating and painful.

     In my years of business and studies, I have seen and experienced a lot. I have met and listened to a lot of people and I can feel their frustration and dilemma of hundreds of thousands of people on business issues. My daily interactions with them through different sources over the years have been an eye-opener, the fundamental source of my learning and I can speak with deep conviction from all these experiences. Also, exposures, learning and years of relationship with these prospective and established business entrepreneurs have re-enforced this notion and have surely sustained my passion for writings on business issues.

     Going back to the pain, it is felt even by people in every kind of organization. It is also felt in families, communities, and society generally. It has lead a countless number into frustrations, time wastage, low pay, delinquency, low morale and many more. However, they knew themselves inside out, they know of their great hidden business potential in them, their talent, intelligence, capabilities, and creativity but find it difficult to start and manage their dream business(es) to success. They struggle daily to make it in a new reality and a new environment. The pain is personal, and it’s deep. You and I can feel it by relating with, any of the statements yourself. As one great man, Carl Rogers once said, “what is most personal is most general. Of course, one will say, “some people are already engaged in business, contributing and energized in different areas, but I will tell you ‘’far too few” considering our peculiar situation in Nigeria. I want to let you know, this country is an open green field with a lot of business opportunities not tapped and some not fully explored.

      Just think about it. Think about all these for a moment; the numerous unexplored business opportunities in the different sectors of the economy that present goldmine opportunities and our inability over the years to use our talents, capabilities, intelligence, and resources to harness them. Honestly, business data are sobering and our economy is being affected. It matches my own experience as well with business people. It is ironic to me despite all our gains in technology, innovation, and government well-meaning programs, many people are not starting and a lot are not thriving in the ones they started. They are not fulfilled. They are not excited either. They are frustrated. They are not clear on the business to start. Some still cringe on the security shell of government jobs while others don’t feel they can change things or make any difference. 

     Now it has metamorphosed to a bigger pain to us as a nation. Wait! Just for a moment, Now, can you imagine the personal and national cost of not fully engaging the passion, energy, talents, knowledge, and intelligence of the young population as a nation? The government is indeed providing succor to alleviate these pains but as a nation, we should understand that wealth can only be created by its people and that human resources should define the purpose and essence of our governance. Great nations are great not because they make life pay but because it’s human resources are developed and are great. Collectively, we must develop our human resources and reawaken our entrepreneurial spirit to start a business of our own and succeed in them.



   The problem of starting a business is unique to the individuals to run the business. As we have taken time to analyze the pains, let’s discuss the problem causing the pains. In other words, the problems, issues or challenges that prospective entrepreneurs and businesses are dealing with daily and that need to be solved are the problem points. A lot of these problems are familiar in the business landscape of ours and has resulted in the pains a lot of people have gone through in the course of their business life cycle.

     Good business (es) starts with a good business idea. The importance of a sound business idea cannot be over-emphasized as a wrong and poor one can lead to business failure no matter how well and further you have traveled on the wrong path. It is so vital in today’s competitive business world that prospective and business leaders often lock themselves in for several weeks developing a business idea that can withstand the test of time. So many rigors is often applied to this process that you wonder why the fundamental problems persist. Exploring and developing sound business ideas are so important that I have made it the overriding percept and essence of this book. Just as business ideas are unique, so also are the individuals and organizations planning to run and manage them. We are so unique in our talents, capabilities, bits of intelligence, experience, education and the environments we grew up that we respond differently to business ideas. In simpler terms, there is no fit all and we need a plethora of ideas to make informed and wise choices. Furthermore, what might be a fantastic business idea to Mr A might be a poor choice for Mr B and not even an option to Mr C.

     However, don’t get things twisted; we also understand that to make business success, it is not just about the ideas rather making those ideas to work. So in today’s business world, developing sound business ideas with capital is just the price of entry into the playing field. But surviving, thriving, innovating, excelling and leading in this new competitive reality will require us to build on our sound business ideas. It requires one to incorporate sound business principles and practices. It requires us to benchmark against world-class excellence in our choosing business areas. These are on a higher plane or dimension. It may require us to tap from our human genius and motivations. It may require a new mind-set, a new business skill-set, a new toolset or even a new set of habits. 

     Going forward, a problem point is timing. In business, it is critically important. There are many factors responsible for why businesses succeed, and one of the biggest one seems to be timing. A sound idea that appears before the market is ready for it can fizzle out despite its huge potential. Imagine a piece of technology that consumers aren’t ready for like Google Glass. Another wrong move is intensifying the marketing of your unique brand of umbrella during the dry season. Both ideas, though strong and with great potential, get squashed. Similarly, an idea that comes too late, once consumers have already had their fill or moved into another season or trend will fail to have some impact. Timing the release of your business in that sweet spot is crucial to success.

     Another problem point to highlight is the need for a business coach because on paper does not always translate to real life. Hopefully, you will have a sound business idea perfect and peculiarly made for you and you also have a good business plan. Business plans are where you flesh out the details of your enterprise, from who’s going to buy your product or patronize your service to when you plan on launching and at what point you will become profitable. In theory, the numbers may support your plans; your idea may seem like it will work. But sometimes, real life doesn’t always work the way it “should” on paper. As I was taught in business school, scenarios might arise; your customers may not be as interested as they seemed during your market research. Your cost basis may not be as tight and predictable as when you put your plan together. These unpredictable cases are normal risk factors to consider in starting a business.

      Next on the business problem points is that circumstances may change. One constant in business is change. One needs to understand that business environments never remain static. New technologies are constantly developed, trends come and go and economies fluctuate between times of frugality and fear. The truth is sometimes, the circumstances in which your business emerges might be different from the circumstances you faced mere months into your business existence. 

On the personal level, I have learned that successful businesses are not those that took an idea, adopted it, and then kept it static for years. They are the ones that took an idea and allowed it to change and develop as new circumstances emerged. Truly, great business ideas are flexible ideas and allow entrepreneurs to develop them over time as circumstances changes.

     On a final note, if you have a great business idea and you are interested in starting your own business; don't let any of these problem points dissuade you. You may doubt yourself and your ability to do so, but I want you to know of my deep conviction that you can start your enterprise today. You have the potential within you. And when you run your business, you become the creative force of your life. You become more responsible, more accountable and create a new world you will live.

The business opportunities in this book is a zero sum and the information it contains is worth its weight in gold.
It analyzes unique business opportunities in 20 major industry in Nigeria and help one find business opportunity that fits one's passion, talents, skill sets, capacity and resources.
It covers unique business opportunities in Automobile, Real Estate, Tourism, Health, Solid Minerals, Agriculture, Entertainment, Fashion, Art & Craft, Sports, Education, Security, Processing, ICT, Oil & Gas, Finance, Essential Services, Electronics, Transportation & Logistics etc.
In addition, there is inclusive over 100 source of business capital sources and funding options.
This time calls for multiple streams of income because the truth is most families are struggling with a single source of income. This book will help you to escape this rat race often bedeviled by financial distress. If you have anything to do with business, it is the perfect book to pick up from the bookstore.


We started with the pain of a prospective entrepreneur. We have also explored the fundamental problem causing the pain. Now, let us set the context for the solution in a way called solution points. The overriding purpose of this book is to give you a broad business ideas and a road map that will lead you from such pain and frustration to true success, fulfillment, relevance, significance and contribution in today’s new business environment. The solutions lie in taking a foothold on universal business principles and practices. It also involves benchmarking against world-class excellence and standards in business processes.

     The first solution point of a prospective entrepreneur is to develop a sound business idea. A sound business idea is an economic opportunity that is within the reach of the individual and can provide him with a desirable value. The importance of a sound business idea cannot be overemphasized. A prospective entrepreneur who is well-grounded in the concept of a good business idea will be able to save time, money and effort. When developing a business idea, timing is of the essence and one should pick an idea that fits into one’s passions, goals, strengths, resources, and tolerance for risk. Proceed to evaluate the opportunity thoroughly like an investor in an objective and analytical way. Try as much as possible to get feedback by finding people who know the market, the business model, the competitors and predecessors; people who have been there, done that and can help you understand what works and what doesn’t in the real world and your peculiar environment.

     Also, I will advise a blue ocean strategy or a radical shift in your organization and thinking from red to blue oceans. In business, a blue ocean strategy is a way to find and invest in an uncontested, growing markets called blue oceans and avoid overdeveloped, saturated markets called ‘’red oceans’’. When you invest in a blue ocean idea, you will gain a blue ocean effect; it means more success, fewer risks and an increased profit. In a corporate sense, blue ocean challenges companies to push the boundaries of their industries and offer consumers something of immense value. Imagine standing apart from the competition. Imagine achieving rapid, profitable growth and imagine creating a leap in value at a lower cost. Everybody will want this idea. You might even think this is the ultimate solution point. It sounds so good.

     The solution point of the issue of finance lies in us. You might be thinking that financial struggles we see around us and that derail us from starting our business or expanding the ones we have started are beyond rescue, but what if I tell you that there is great hope in turning this around. What if that hope lies in you. To digress, let us take a quote from Albert Einstein who said, ‘’the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.’’ Hence, we should break our old financial habits if we are to turn things around. We should own our financial weakness and generate the necessary capital we need for our business. Take time to take a look at 60-90 days of all your spending and a picture of your financial priorities will emerge. You can find an accountability partner who can ask you tough questions. You can also explore your creative talents by setting small achievable goals. You determine the most urgent problems you need to solve and make a plan to tackle it head-on. In addition, reject all debt and think long term and with effective financial management, you will raise the necessary funds you need.

     Continuing on the solution points, I think most of our problem points needed us to change our thinking. In other words, we should make a paradigm shift from our previous ways; mind-set, skillset, habits, etc. One thing I have learned in life is that if one wants to make minor, incremental changes and improvement, we work on our practices, behavior or attitude but if we want to make a significant, quantum improvement, then we work on paradigms. To explain further, a paradigm is a perception, assumption, a theory, a frame of reference or lens through which we view the world.

     Take the case of poor and inadequate business skills for example. The importance of developing the right business skills cannot be overemphasized. Skills such as technical and managerial skills can make the difference between the successful and profitable enterprise and the unsuccessful ones. It is very vital in this modern era of globalization and tight competition. To improve business skills, one needs to develop his vocabulary, read business-related material, watch business-oriented programs and by consistent practice. In a more specific sense, various business skills to learn and master include delegation skills, negotiation skills, strategic planning, leadership skills, and team-building skills. Others include analytical skills, sales and marketing skills, general management skills, cash flow, and time management skills. Honestly, one needs to translate his passion into practical business endeavors.

     Another problem point I highlighted earlier on is that on paper analysis does not always translate to real life and that circumstances may change. Yes, that is true but every situation is unique and different in some way. But in another sense, at bottom, challenges and problems are very similar. The key does not lie in the circumstance; rather it lies in the space between those circumstances and our response to it. We have freedom of choice. It is our fundamental human gift from birth. You may do a cost-benefit analysis of the problem and decide to do something different. If we use sound business principles, we will not just empower ourselves, we will also achieve our goal and objectives in both the short and long term.

     On a final note, as a nation, we should understand that our entrepreneurship problems can be solved, our challenges can be defeated and our goals can be met. Already, Nigeria is measured to be a developing market by the world bank. It has been acknowledged as a regional influence on the African continent, a middle power in International affairs, an emerging global power. It is also a fellow of the MINT group of countries, which are commonly seen as the globe’s next ‘’BRIC-like’’ economies, registered among the ‘’Next Eleven’’ economies set to become among the biggest in the world, a member of common wealth of nations, the African union, OPEC member and united nations. And In addition, by being proactive and responsive to the need of the people and by initiating sound and supportive entrepreneurship programs, we will not just have created a financial future for our people but we will be building on a solid foundation for a more prosperous nation and our country will become a model of entrepreneurship practice among comity of nations.

Praise for the ‘’1000+ Business Opportunity Encyclopedia’’

Nwosu does it again with an opportunity thinking cap. The ‘’1000+ Business Opportunity Encyclopedia’’ will expand the frontiers of business and enables young population of this country to start their enterprise. Honestly, it is straight to the point; It’s informative, educative, inspiring, entertaining, eye-opening, Jaw dropping and everything in-between.

------ Evans Amaihian (A professional Accountant(ANAN) )


One of the challenges people have in business is finding a good business idea that fits into one’s talent, skill, passion and competence. This book of 1000+ Business idea with the name ‘’Business Opportunity Encyclopedia’’ will expose you to the whole world of business that will launch you to the level {you have been dreaming of} of fulfilment. Mr Nwosu is a talented young man who has been a source of inspiration to many through his books. I sincerely recommend this book for anyone who wants to start a business, get fulfilled and become happy in life.

------ Nicholas Aniekwe (MBA) (Rtd) , CEO and Chairman, Best way Reality Ventures and Mega showers Investments


I hope Nwosu keep producing more resource like this. He has been a positive inspiration for thousands of business people over the years, helping and providing them with resources and expert advice. He understands that the essence of life is for fulfilment and this is only possible by the beneficial use of knowledge and information to make significant contributions. I will attest to his character and competence. His relentless support and pursuit has been invaluable and beneficial to businesses. The ‘’1000+ Business Opportunity Encyclopedia’’ is an invaluable guide. 

------ Dr Kabiru Maitama Kura ,(MBA, MSC, PHD) {ABU Postgraduate School & MBA Project Supervisor)


I think there should be a meeting point or a way of bringing people who has business ideas and no capital and Angel investors who fund businesses. I know a lot of people who has business ideas but they have nobody to fund it, so if there is a way of linking them up with investors maybe for a share of the business will be great. The business opportunities I have seen in this book is wonderful. It is very elaborate and there are strategies and ideas you can apply to raise funds you will need for your business. This book will be a great asset to anybody who want to be involved in business. I recommend their book.

----- Saliu John Danasebe { CEO, Better life  Ventures & Best Life Empowerment Standard Trust Fund)


I believe Nwosu has really captured a real problem situation here and is trying to solve it. I also think he has created a comprehensive and effective blueprint for personal success in business. This is what leadership is all about; creating a powerful, practical road map for business and putting it in a comprehensive way that enables them achieve their business purpose in life. Anyone who aspires to happiness and fulfilment from business should have a copy of this resource in his bookshelf.

The second reason I will recommend this book and advice people to take a copy is because of our peculiar situation in Nigeria. This time calls one to create multiple stream of income because the truth is that most families are struggling to make ends meet with a single source of income.

----- Prof. Aminu Dorayi, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, ABU (DLC, Post graduate Studies)


To would be entrepreneurs, having scanned through this piece: Profitable, Practicable opportunity for a non-stop income by Nwosu C. (B.Med, MBA) on entrepreneurship and also being an entrepreneur myself, I found this book very useful and necessary as a step by step guide to your altitude in business.

----- Victor Muyiwa Benson (CIFIA), CEO, Wit Forex Academy & Covenant Micro Limited (


The 1000+ Business Opportunity is a great Encyclopedia for aspiring for aspiring Entrepreneurs. I commend Mr Nwosu for compiling such a great resource. I encourage you to read and search the Encylopedia with open eyes and mind to see great treasure hidden in it.

----- Alfred A. Ajao (Managing Consultant/CEO AB-FACTOR Global Concept Ltd) {HSE Consulting Firm} (


 I have gone through the content and the book, ’1000+ Business Opportunity Encyclopedia’’ as comprehensively arranged , found it all encompassing and full of constructive ideas. I hereby recommend it for all classes of people such as students of tertiary institutions, professionals in various fields and prospective Entrepreneurs.

-------- Barrister Tunde Olumoh (A legal Practitioner ) (Tunde Olumoh Chambers)


This book has been designed to help those who are willing to establish a business or those who want to expand the scope of their business. The aim and objectives of this book on Business opportunity is to open the eyes of many Nigerians to the opportunities that lies ahead of them especially the youths, retirees, civil servants and those who are tired of staying in the wilderness of financial problems or those who desire to upgrade their financial status into another level.

Therefore, this book has been systematically written for whoever desire to operate in any field of business opportunity without stress and for those who are willing to escape the rat race often bedevilled by financial distress.

----- Ojoniyi Kehinde Joel (A Publisher & CEO Jay – Jay Prints)


I commend and appreciate you, Mr Nwosu. In this resource guide, you mentioned pain points. I totally agree with you. A  lot of people experience pain points especially at the early stages of their business life cycle. It also happened to me but you know, business situation is transitory. To succeed in business especially in Nigeria, one need to develop thick skin and ready for any challenge. Tough times don’t last but tough people do. Anyway, your book addresses many points. If business is your thing, it is a perfect book to pick up from the bookstore.

------ Mathew Chikezie Ndukwe (IT  Professional) (Afrihub Nigeria)

Auto means cars, 4-wheel drive that is no longer moves by a horse but rather a self propelling engine. There is business in automobile. Over the years, since invention, business opportunities has ben created in this industry. The future is pleasant as the industry is still opening up with lots of inventions. It is a large industry. It is a huge industry indeed not because it covers the automobile, locomotive and aviation industry but because a lot of people have found business opportunities and are willing to put more seed.
A large industry is a real industry. An automobile industry is a real industry as you can see with a lot of scientists and engineers, working hard to achieve precision and to ensure we enjoy the ultimate comfort and safety. Now, some cars are built to smoothy run on electricity and some on water alone and nothing more.
You will want the world to be achieving progress but the cost of this is service. You can choose to render service or create a product that will solve people’s problem and make the world a more beautiful place.
And now, more than ever, the business opportunities available in the automobile industry is vast as new people at distant places, putting their seed, exploiting these opportunities and achieving breakthrough some never even thought was possible. But let me inform you that the business opportunities available in the automotive industry ranges from low start-up capital to capital intensive businesses. For example, it is cheaper to start a car wash business but very expensive to set up a car manufacturing and assembling plant or even a airline service business. Can you begin to see there is business opportunities for everybody in the automotive industry, no matter their financial status.
Going forward, if you are thinking of this industry and are looking to start something in this line, but have no idea of what it should be, I will encourage you to consider the ideas below.

S/N Business Ideas Description Remarks
1. Auto Body Repair And Spray Painting
It is normal for car owners to carry out body works on their cars whenever they are involved in minor and major accidents. Auto body work business is a thriving and profitable business and if you are interested in starting an auto service related business, then one of your options is to open an auto body repair workshop. Please note that you would need to learn the trade before you can successfully launch this type of business.
Another profitable business an entrepreneur who is interested in starting a business in the automotive industry is automobile spraying and branding business. When the body of a car is worked upon or when there is a dent or patch on car, there is likelihood that the owner may want to have the body of the car re-sprayed, in order for the car to look new and presentable.

The best time to start is now. There are vest opportunities in the agricultural sector. For those who have been looking for profitable business to invest, I am bringing you good news. The demand for agricultural products both in Nigeria and in the world is witnessing a positive trend not just because of the numerous opportunities it present but because it is an essential sector central to the basic needs of man.
Agricultural businesses are the most lucrative business in the world; low start-up cost, manageable working capital and opportunity to turn out huge profit of up to 100%. With increase in unemployment, mechanization and improved varieties and breeds, young people are now embracing agriculture which was considered a dirty business only for the poor.
Now, with approximately 50% of Nigerians as urban dwellers and at least 24 cities having a population of more than 100,000, it has surely created a business opportunity in food supply. This trending challenge and the impact of rural-urban migration have continued to generate hot debates since the last three decades. Urban employment problems are a result of the phenomenal growth in urbanization and the inability of these urban centers to be able to utilize or absorb the urban labour created through the process of urbanization.
Agricultural business is a profitable business which can be started with little or no training. You don’t need any degree to start, though you may need to spend some time learning about the business. Most of the products are seasonal; they can be bought at a lower price during the season, stored and then sold at a higher price when they are out of season.
On the personal level, I cannot say enough the positive benefit I have derived over the years being a player in this industry. Its numerous opportunities can get one excited. When you think investment, you think agricultural business. You get engaged, and become a part of a vibrant workforce, you leave your classrooms and office rooms to begin a new lesson, and you build wealth by creating your own business and contribute to the economy of your nation.

Abattoir & Meat Selling Business:- Abattoir is a place designed for slaughtering animals, preparing and producing meat and animal products for human consumption and other usage. Running a private abattoir is still a goldmine yet to be tapped. Abattoir can be run on a small to large depending on available capital. Common animals being slaughtered in abattoirs include; Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Pigs. Anyone going into this business should not only produce but add value to the products. Processing is simply the future of agriculture.
The common meat butcher in the open market buys a cow worthN80,000 or N100,000 and sells it in pieces making at least N150,000 or more”
He continued by giving detail analysis;
1Kg of Beef in Open market is N1, 000.
The smallest adult cattle weighs minimum of 180kg live weight. After dressing, (removing the blood, bone, hide, intestine foods), it will remain minimum of 75% live weight.
75% of 180kg =135kg, Dressed weight.
Since 1kg = N1, 000, therefore, 135kg =N135, 000.
Some other revenue will also come from sale of Blood, Bone, Hides and ‘assorted meat’. ‘Assorted meat’ isN1, 400/kg. A cow has a minimum of 10kg ‘assorted meat’.

Avocado Pea Farming, Sales and Distribution Business:-
Avocado farming in Nigeria has the potential to make you a lot of money if only you can have the patience. This is not one of those get rich quick business ventures that you can just stroll into. Very few people in Nigeria understand the profit potential of the avocado farming business, hence the reason for the few avocado farmers.

Avocado farming will not only give your money on the local front, but it also commands a high exchange rate internationally. It is actually called the “green gold” for the high exchange rates it on the internal market. You should know that even with the favorable climate and abundant water supplies in Nigeria, there are few avocado farmers. Investing in avocado farming business on the long-term will be a great agribusiness venture for you in Nigeria.

The Profitability Of Avocado Farming Business In Nigeria.
This is to douse any fears you might have concerning the profit potential of avocado farming business in Nigeria. An acre of an avocado farm has the capacity to generate between N2.8million-N5.4million. Research has shown that the importation of avocado into the European countries has doubled. This tells you that the demand for avocado on the international market is really on the increase. As it stands now, the European countries mostly import avocado from Kenya, Peru, Mexico, and Chile.
With the current high demand for avocado in the international market, you should consider investing or starting an avocado farming business. For the local market, avocado pear is also very profitable and you really need to pay attention to it.

Bakery Services

The bakery business is a huge business in Nigeria. Therefore, if you are thinking of a business to invest into right now, I want you to consider starting your own bread bakery business.

Bakery Equipment You Need To Acquire

1. Baking Oven
You need to go for the industrial baking oven if you can afford it. That is what professional baker who makes bread in commercial quantity use. It cost much but well worth the price and will make your work lot easier.

Flour Mixer
Mixer is the devices that mix the flour and other ingredient into pastry ready for baking. There are local mixers and there are standard electronic mixers. Go for the one that is suitable according to the standard of bakery you are setting up.

Slicing Machine
This is important if you intend to slice your bread. Sliced bread is the most popular and most respect in Nigerian market.

Baking Pans
Some heavy ovens do come with baking pans but that may not be suitable to the size you wants to make.

Bread Wrapper Supply
You a well branded bread wrapper in constant supply. Make arrangement for this in advance before production commences.

KVA Generator
You’d always need a standby generator, very big one for that matter. Your production is sensitive and you can’t afford to joke with it.

Supply Truck
Then a supply truck to help in your marketing. There no way you will be able to market effectively if you don’t have at least one supply vehicle.

Get NAFDAC Approval For Your Bread Bakery Business
It is very sad that no bread currently produced in Nigeria that passes international health standard according to experts report. By all means, try and meet the international standard in your bakery business.

Be A Distributor For Magnetic Mosquito Proof Curtain

There is business in distributorship. To ensure the mosquitoes stay outside your home, a research firm has developed the first curtains and sheers made 100% from Mosquito-Repellent Fabric. Treated with essential oils based on a blend of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus (with no pesticides or chemical solvents) these curtains and sheers repel up to 97% of the most undesirable insects of the summer. Their totally natural material provides a perfect balance between effectiveness and concern for both the environment and health. 

The mosquito-repellent curtains are fitted exactly like conventional curtains, and also completely block out all sunlight. They will totally protect your privacy from daylight and will ensure that you sleep soundly.  Mosquito-Repellent curtains are available in 3 timeless shades to match all styles of interior decoration. You will quickly find that the  Mosquito-Repellent curtain has become essential to enjoying a good night's sleep in the summer months. Protected from mosquitoes and the morning sun, you will be able to sleep like a log!.

Car Port (Canopy) Sale And Installation

There is a good business in the Import and sale of car Port in Nigeria.A carport is a covered structure used to offer limited protection to vehicles, primarily cars, from rain and adverse weather conditions. The structure can either be free standing or attached to a wall. Unlike most structures, a carport does not have four walls, and usually has one or two.Adding a carport doesn't automatically raise the value of your home. But, if done right they are the ideal home improvements that can make your home more desirable to potential buyers. All without breaking the bank. Many homeowners are adding carports to their property – even if they already have a garage.

Standard Canopy Benefits

Installing standard shade canopies on multi-family or affordable housing or on retail and commercial properties adds to greater tenant/leasing retention. Renters, leasees, employees, and guest feel more secure and protected when their vehicles are parked under a shade canopy that is also well lit at night.

The purpose of a car Port company is to serve the clients and not to drain their pockets. The best carport builders focus on delivering quality work to the customer. Their customer service officers talk fluent languages and are friendly with the customers. They know the right way to deal with an arrogant client without raising their voice upon them. Customer stick with a company because of the services they get not the structure of the company.


Chemical Importation Business

This is a great business opportunity importing industrial chemicals such as pine oil, phenol, natrosol, caboxyl methyl cellulose, menthol crystals, chloroxynol, sodium lauryl ether and titanium dioxide. They are used for the production of fast moving products, like disinfectants, soap, germicide, cosmetics, tooth paste, tooth powder and medicated powder. These chemicals are used by big manufacturing companies in large volume as well as small and medium scale industries, the demand is endless. 98% of the chemicals used in production in Nigeria are imported. The project gives a good profit margin and 90% of the money can be recovered within 4 months.

You can import between three to four times in a year. You will also supply to companies as well as distributors. Some pay immediately while some pay within 1 week, 2 weeks or in a month. We are sure to get 80% of the money back, within 2 months. The project is very viable because the chemicals are always in demand and we can launch in a month.You can import the chemicals from china.


There is no sole importer for in industrial chemicals in Nigeria, anybody can apply to NAFDAC and if you meet the requirements, you will be given approval to import the chemicals. Youcan sell at a lower price than your competitors to win the market and you can give your suppliers flexible payment terms.

Deal In Soft Drinks

Soft Drink Business works in Nigeria, given the appetitive nature of a typical Nigerian who loves to party and drink even to the detriment of his pocket. So, capitalizing on this, you can make so much money selling or distributing soft drinks to parties, weddings, ceremonies, club meetings, shows and events, and even homes in Nigeria, either part-time or full-time.

(1) Make Money Running A Bar

Being the owner of a bar is one way to generate cool money from the business of selling drinks. Generally, bars sell alcoholics, but soft drinks are also sold as supplementary drinks.

So, if you wish to run soft drink business in a bar, understand that it comes as an additional aspect of the business. This means you must already be running a bar. It does not make sense to open a bar solely for the purpose of selling soft drinks. If you do, you may have very low patronage as the majority of people coming to a bar are in search of alcoholics, and not necessarily soft drinks. The exception to this is if you make it clear that your bar sells majorly Soft drinks, and not necessarily alcohol.

(2) Make Money Selling/Distribution Soft Drinks In Bulk

The other aspect of this business is the bulk sales and/or distribution. If you must run it successfully, then it is recommended that you get a deep freezer, different brands of drinks and a generator set.

Chilled drinks will surely attract lots of customers. This business is very viable because of the hot nature of Nigeria’s weather. Passers-by and people in your locality will always come around to get cold drinks because of the hot weather.

(3) Make Money Setting Up A Soft Drink Depot

If you have a drink depot too you can get lots of drinks which you’d retail to customers in need of them. This aspect of the business entails that the drinks are supplied by companies to your depot and from there to your customers/clients.


Distribution And Sale Of Treated Water

Everybody needs water. Homes, offices, at parties and other occasions. It even becomes more in demand during dry season when lots of wells dry up and people’s desire for satchet water increases. The business of producing purified water such as pure water otherwise known as satchet water is one of the most lucrative business that is thriving very well even in this current economy.This is not a business that loses trend because People will continue to need water and food to survive, so, you can never run short of customers. That being said, there are also exceptions to the rule. You can run at a loss when you do the right business the wrong way.

Buying of the Wrong Machines:

People are very sensitive to defects in water, it’s something that concerns their health, and nobody jokes with such things. That is why your purification systems, packaging and distribution should be free of defects. Just one silly mistake in these areas can destroy your reputation and discourage people from buying from you.


These are things that could happen when your system and tools are defective.

You Start seeing foreign materials and sediments in the products

The water develops unpleasant taste

After production leakages and spillage becomes too much causing waste

Coliform levels increase

Water Odour

Occurrence of Reverse osmosis issues (This is problem in the purification system)


NAFDAC Registration Mistakes

NAFDAC frowns at many practices in the pure water production business. Not knowing the rules can get you into trouble and lead to the close down of your business. Imagine spending money on all the equipment, renting or building the factory etc and end up tying all that capital down indefinitely.

Poor Management and Bypassing of Consultants

Employing the wrong staff is a cancer that slowly eats up your profits without you knowing it. They ruin your business and move to the next. Some of these workers are serial business killers moving from one business to the other, causing losses everywhere. the earlier you identify them and kick them out, the better for you and your business.


Printing And Book Production

With the many technological advances that have come with computers and the Internet, it is easier than ever before to start and run your own publishing business. Knowing how to start a publishing business, and the steps involved in taking a book from idea to publication is an important way to communicate ideas with the world.

But before you begin thinking about what to publish, you’ll need to know how to publish.

And knowing which category your company will fall under can help you plan out your business.

Trade publishers are publishing companies that deal with industry-specific publications. This category includes the major, well-established publishing houses that put out the majority of fiction in the marketplace.

Textbook publishers primarily deal with academic learning materials. Books published by textbook publishing companies will be primarily bought and used by students.

Scholarly/academic publishers tend to include university presses and not-for-profit publishers. Although this category is lumped in with academic publications, scholarly/academic publishers do not typically publish textbooks.

Reference publishers put out books and other learning materials that build on a body of information. The most common example of a reference publication is a dictionary or thesaurus, but can include many other non-traditional forms of information dissemination. Self-publishers are authors who choose to take the reigns on how their own work is published.


Choose a market.

There are many existing book publishers, small and large, in operation around the world.

The key to success as you think about starting your own publishing business is to decide upon a primary genre and corresponding market for your books. Knowing what market you intend to work in will help you when it comes time to draft a business model.


Try to start out with a narrow focus.

It’s best to work within one or two primary genres or markets.

If you try to start too big, it may be difficult to manage your company, and potential authors may lose interest if it seems as though the company lacks direction.


Consider working in a market you know.

If you have any kind of background in a given market, whether it’s through formal education, work or intern experience, or even personal interest,you may find your business more successful in than market than if you tried to jump into unfamiliar waters. You will likely be more dedicated to and passionate about your business working in a market you’re familiar with, and you will bring some level of knowledge or familiarity to the table. 


Understand your audience.

This is where working in a familiar market can be exceptionally helpful. And may take some planning if you’re working in an unfamiliar market.


Think about trade publications. The publishers of those publications know what the intended audience will want to read and learn about, and the publishers also know where potential readers look for that information. Tapping into that kind of knowledge may drastically improve the chances of success, and could even give you some contacts as you launch your publishing company.


Choose a name for your publishing company.

It can be simple and concise or catchy and clever.

But it should be a name you will feel comfortable using for the foreseeable future.

If you have a marketing and/or legal team, consult with those workers on a list of names you come up with.


Register your name.

If you’re using a name for your publishing company other than your own name.

You’ll need to be sure that that name is not already taken.

One way to do this is by filing a fictitious business name statement, or a doing business as (DBA) name.


Buy an ISBN number.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, usually included with the bar code on virtually every single book sold through a bookstore.

Expect to spend around 125-150k in Nigeria on your ISBN, though discounts usually exist for publishers who purchase ISBNs in bulk quantities.

ISBNs are important because they help buyers and sellers identify your publishing business as the publisher of a given book.

Block Industry

Block making (commonly called block industry) business can be a very profitable venture.  It is funny to me that some people still think that block making is a vocation for the uneducated and unskilled.  To the contrary, it is a lucrative business that can be scaled to become a large employer of labour.  Whether you are a school dropout, a graduate, a professional or a retiree looking for profitable business to engage in; block making is a venture to consider.

The block industry is growing rapidly, why? The simple reason is rising population and increasing housing needs.

The exact cost vary due to factors like location and your own sourcing abilities. Below is a list of items you need.

1. Land
Most Block Industry owners do not own the land they work from. It mostly belongs to farmers who they pay a lease to.
Make sure you are close to a water source like river,stream or water way or dig a well. Water is the life blood of the business. Do not
under any circumstance entertain the idea of buying water or the business will crash before it takes of!

You need a Lister engine. These are very expensive, so you want to source for the most affordable you can find.This normally means 
travelling out of town to buy one.
You need a moulding machine. This is what shapes your blocks. These are made to order by local manufacturers.
You need a Water Pumping Machine(Looks like a small generator) This brings in water from your source.

3. Materials
You need wooden pallets.This is where your blocks stay to dry out after moulding.Bought from local makers. Start with a few hundred pieces 
(200-500 pieces).
You need also
1 x Wheel Barrow
2 x Shovels
2 x Metal drums(To house water for your machines during moulding.)
2 x Security chains to secure items when you leave site.

You have two options. Buy wood from the market and ask a carpenter to construct a small hut for you. Alternatively and more expensively
you can buy a disused shipping container and convert. This is to store your items like unused bags of cement when you leave for the day.
5. Daily operation
It's profitable depending on a few factors.
Location: For obvious reasons
Season: During rainy season construction all over the country slow down meaning less need to buy blocks and less business.
Inflation: When a bag of cement rises or falls it affects your ability to mold and customers ability to build or buy blocks for doing so.
Capital: The business is very cash intensive. Every thing you do you will have to pay upfront whilst waiting for sale to recoup cost and profit.

Civil Engineering

The construction industry is singlehandedly responsible for the enhancement of infrastructures worldwide. A country or city’s development can be linked to the role civil engineers play in terms of construction of sky scrapers, shopping malls, office complexes and a host of others.

If you are a civil engineer and would love to dabble into business, the following are 50 business ideas you can select from. For civil engineers, this is one of the most common businesses to begin. You can carry out the registration of your construction company in order to start. Becoming successful in this business, aside from knowing how to deliver quality work, would require remarkable networking skills with individuals who have the capacity to provide you with remarkable construction projects.

Starting a construction company if you have the required know-how can be a remarkable business venture.


Facility Management Services

Property management which is a subset of the real estate industry is perhaps one of the easiest and affordable real estate business to start; it is basically about lease contracting or accepting rent using legal documents approved for the area in which the property is located. In a nutshell, property management companies are responsible for taking care of and managing buildings and other real estate properties for individuals (landlords) or for groups of owners.

No doubt, if an aspiring entrepreneur who intends starting his or her own property management business has the right connections, networks, managerial skills, and takes delight in managing real estate for clients, then he or she is going to find property management business very rewarding and lucrative.


Digital Stock Exchange
Make thousands of dollars. Invest online. Instant withdraw. Minimum bid $3


  • It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right . No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because all that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are. – Mark Cuban
  • If you have a big business and it is doing very well, give others the opportunity to be part of it.
  • Nigeria is motley of exciting and perplexing market
  • Do things right, work hard for your company and for the people around you.
  • I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance –Steve Jobs
  • The future is an Opportunity.
  • If you can’t fly, then run; if you can’t run, then walk; If you can’t walk, the crawl; But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward – Martin Luther King
  • Pursuing your passions makes you more interesting, and interesting people are enchanting – Guy Kawasaki
  • Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear wherever they might be – Lakshmi Mittal
  • The more you seek security, the less of it you have. But the more you seek opportunity, the more likely it is that you will achieve the security that you desire – Brian Tracy
  • Look for opportunity. You can’t wait for it to knock on the door. You might not be home – Jinger Heath
  • Take offensive against your fears. Go out to meet them, battle them, conquer them by sheer boldness at every opportunity – Dale Carnegie
  • I will prepare and someday my chance will come – Abraham Lincoln
  • Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘Make me feel important’ never forget this message when working with people – Mary Kay Ash
  • If they inspire you to push outside your comfort zone, thank them for inspiring you to take a risk, and let them know how it paid off. – Cindy Hyde
  • Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives – Michelle Obama
  • Wealthy people invest first and spend what is left and broke people spend first and invest what is left
  • Always be on a lookout for that spark of opportunity that could change your life or someone close to you forever – Peter Simmons
  • Being an entrepreneur is neither a part – time or full time Job, It’s a lifestyle.
  • Men make history and not the other way around. In period where there is no leadership, society stand still. Progress occurs when courageous, skilful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.
  • The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity – Lewis Grizzard
  • The highest level of performance comes to people who are centred, intuitive, creative and reflective – Deepak Chopra
  • Each day is filled with thousands of opportunities to change the story of our lives – Michael Hyatt
  • Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor – H Jackson Brown Jr
  • People are beginning to realize that education is power, that education is money, that education is an opportunity – Azim Premji
  • When we allow ourselves to get too settled in a comfort zone, you stop challenging yourself and you become too satisfied and docile. It’s during that ‘’waking sleep’’ that opportunities start to slip away – Peter Hollins
  • When you waste a moment, you have killed it in a sense, squandering an irreplaceable opportunity. But when you use the moment properly, filling it with purpose and productivity, it lives on forever – Menachem Mendel Schneerson
  • We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly, spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order – Susan L. Taylor
  • Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune – Jim Rohn
  • We are no doubt born for a wise purpose, unless a man enters upon a vocation intended for him by nature and best suited to his peculiar genius, he cannot succeed.
  • First weigh the considerations, then take the risk .
  • A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him – David Brinkley
  • Your economic security does not come from your Job or from the patronage of people; it comes from your ability to meet needs and solve problems. Keep investing in those abilities and you will have endless opportunities – S. Covey


Introduction ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 1

The Pain ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 1 - 2        

The Problem ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 2 - 3

The Solution ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 3 - 4        

Development ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 4 – 5

Income Opportunities ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 5

Motivation for Business …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 5 – 7

The Key Players …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 7 – 11

Division of Business Industry …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 11 – 12

Future of the Industry ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 12

1012 List of Businesses …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 13 - 30                                   



AUTO …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 31 - 37


Auto Body Repair and Spray Painting

Automobile AC Repair and Servicing Workshop

Automobile/ Mechanical Services

Car Wash Services

Establish an Auto Electrical Shop

Manufacture of Motor Vehicle, Trailers

Manufacture of Other Transport Equipment

Sale of Automobile Spare Parts

Sale of Motor Vehicle Insurance

Sale of Motor Vehicle, Motor Cycles and Other Automobile Products

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Air Intake

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Alloy Wheel

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Axles

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Axles

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Clutch Parts

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Clutch Parts

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Cooling System

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Crank Mechanism

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Drive Shaft and Front Drive Shaft

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Engine Assembly

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Engine Mounts

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Engine System

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Exhaust System

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump, Injector, Injector Nozzle, Fuel Injection Pump, Carburettor, Plunger Barrel Assembly & Regulator.

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Ignition System

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Lubrication System

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Parts

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Parts Of Brake System

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Suspension System

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Transmission

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Auto Universal Parts

Specialty Import, Sale and Distribution of Wheel Parts

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Auto Body Parts

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Auto Car Locking System, Car CD Player, Car DVD Players, Car Chargers, Car Monitors, Bluetooth Car Kits, Amplifiers, Car PC etc.

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Auto Electronics

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Auto Exterior Accessories

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Auto Interior Accessories

Specialty Import, sale and distribution of Auto Valve Train 

Specialty Import, sale and distribution of Auto/Car Cleaning Tools

Specialty Import, sale and distribution of Bicycles and Bicycle Parts

Specialty Import, sale and distribution of Car Care Equipment

Specialty Import, sale and distribution Of Car Media Players

Specialty Import, sale and distribution of Choppers

Specialty Import, sale and distribution of Motorcycle

Specialty Import, sale and distribution of Motorcycle Accessories

Specialty Import, sale and distribution of Motorcycle Electrical System

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Motorcycle Engines

Specialty Import, sale and distribution of Motorcycle Parts

Specialty Import, sale and distribution of Vehicle Tools

Vehicle and Motor Leasing Service Business

Vehicle Tracker Installation And Maintenance Business

Vulcanizing Services

Wheel Balancing and Alignment Services


REAL ESTATE …….............................................................................................. 38 - 52


Accommodation/Hotel Business

Aluminium Manufacturing, Works, Sales and Fittings

Aluminium Windows and Door Fabrication Business

Architectural and Engineering Activities, Technical Testing and Analysis

Architectural Practice and Consultancy

Block Industry

Bricklaying/Masonary Services

Build an Event Centre

Build and Rent Hostel Blocks

Build and Rent Shopping Malls

Build and Rent/Lease Warehouse

Building Maintenance Services

Building Works Services

Carpentry/Upholstery Services

Cement Sales and Distribution

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Services

Construction of Building

Electrical Wiring Business/Building Wiring Business

Estate Agency

Estate Surveying & Valuation

Facility Management Services

Glass Cutting, Fabrication and Sale of Glasses

Home Inspection Business

House Roofing and Roofing Sheet Business

Import/Sale/Distribution Of Wooden Furniture As Office Tables, Chairs, Dinning Table, Dinning Chairs etc.

Interior/Exterior Decoration Services

Land Rental/Lease business

Making and Designing of Iron Gates and Windows

Manufacture and Sale of Wooden Furniture as Home Furniture, Office Chairs And Table etc.

Plumbing Services

Production and Sale Metal Detectors

Production and Sale of Interior Decoration Material

Production and Sale of Real Estate Software Application

Production and Sales of Ceramics & Tiles

Production of Carpets and Rugs

Production, Construction and Sale of Mobile Kiosk

Production, Sale and Distribution of Bed Sheet and Beddings

Property Development Services

Property Management Business

Property Management Services

Quantity Surveying

Real Estate Brokerage Firm

Real Estate Building and Management of Factories, Shops, Hotels, Apartment, Land etc.

Real Estate Inspection Business

Rent Out Your Unused or Free Spaces In Your Shop Or Office To Logistic Companies

Residential Care Activities

Sale and Lease Website Property Listing

Sale and Manufacturing of Carpets

Service to Building, Advisory and Consultancy

Specialized Construction Activities

Specialty Import, Sale And Distribution of Structural Building Material As Timber, Metal Building Material, Masonry Material, Pipes & Fittings, Plastics Building Material etc.

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Flooring and Accessories

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Security and Safety Gadget

Specialty Production and Sale of Bathroom Equipment as Toilets, Shower Rooms, Bathroom Parts, Accessories, Sinks etc.

Specialty Production of Mosaics, Ladders and Scaffoldings etc.

Specialty Production, Sale and Application of Finishing & Furnishings

Specialty Production, Sale and Application of Kitchens and Accessories

Specialty Production, Sale and Application of Special Building Material as pans, shovels etc.

Specialty Production, Sale and Distribution of Tiles and Tile Accessories

Start a Property Make-Over Business

Start A Real Estate Development Firm

Start Paving Stone Production Business

Start Real Estate Advisory and Consultancy Service

Start Real Estate Blogging Business

Supply Sand, Gravel etc. To Companies As Business

Supply, Sale and Distribution of Building Material as work tools

Swimming Pool Construction and maintenance Business

Upholstery and Furniture Polishing Service

Weldering Services/Fixing of Burglaries


HEALTH ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….52 - 62


Ambulance Services

Blood Bank Operator

Body Building and Gym Service Business

Chemist/ Nursing Home

Chiropractic Business

Clinic and Maternity Home

Community Health Centre

Dental Practice and Services

Fertility Clinic Operator

Human Health Activities as developing a healthcare app

Import and Sale of Pharmaceutical Chemicals as Pharmaceuticals, Herbal Extract, Antibiotics, Analgesics, Anaesthetics, Cardiovascular Agents etc.

Import/Sale/Distribution of Measurement Instruments as Electrical Instrument, Electronic, Optical Instrument, Testing Equipment, Pressure Measuring Instrument, Analysis Instrument etc.

Laboratory Services

Manage a Medical Laboratory

Manufacture of Basic Pharmaceutical Products and Pharmaceutical Preparations

Medical Laboratory Services

Medical Practice & Consultancy

Midwifery Services

Mortuary and Funeral Services

Operate Hospital/Clinic

Operate Maternity Clinic

Optical Services

Patent/Medicine Services

Physiotherapy Services

Production, Sale and Distribution of Disinfectants as Antiseptic, Germicide etc.

Production, Sale and Distribution of Medical Material and Equipment

Production, Sale and Distribution of Toothpaste and Dental Products

Psychological Service

Radiography & General Body Language Services

Safety Equipment Services

Sale and Distribution of CBD Oil As Business

Sale and Distribution of Chinese | USA Herbal Food Supplement and Medicine

Sale and Distribution of Sex Enhancing Drugs

Sale and Supply of Hospital Optical and Laboratory Equipment

Sale of Drugs/Chemist Store

Sale of Veterinary Equipment and Drugs

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution Of Chemicals Of Laboratory Supplies As Applicators, Laboratory Centrifuge, Laboratory Bottles, Test Tube, Flask, Beakers, Laboratory Balance, and Funnels etc.

Start a Health Product Business

Stress Management Services

Traditional Medicine


TOURISM …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 62 - 64


Beauty Pageants

Establish and Start a Hotel and Guest House Service Business

Holiday Agency for School

Pilgrimage Company

Hotel Reservation Services

Organize International Conferences

Publication of Travels and Tourism Magazine (Travel Guide)

Tourist Agency and Guide

Travel Agency


AGRICULTURE …………………………………………………………………………………………… 65 - 108


Abattoir & Meat Selling Business

Agricultural Engineering

Animal Husbandry

Aquarian Services

Aquarium Maintenance

Aviary Services

Avocado Pea Farming, Sales and Distribution Business

Bakery Services

Banana Plantation

Breeding and Sale of Pets As Cat, Dog, Monkeys Etc.

Buy and Sale Ginger and Garlic In Wholesale And Retail

Cabbage Farming, Sale and Distribution Business

Cashew Export Business

Cat Fish Farming Business

Catering Services

Charcoal Export Business

Chilli Pepper Export Business

Crayfish Sale and Distribution

Crop and Animal Production, Hunting And Related Services Activities

Cultivate Vegetable for Business

Do Bitter Kola Trading

Establish a Palm Oil Mill Business

Establish a Plantain Plantation Business

Export and Sale of Tiger Nuts

Export of Foodstuff and Food Item

Export of Sorghum Business

Export Rubber to Neighbouring Countries

Export Sesame Seed To Overseas Countries

Extraction & Sale of Dairy Products

Farmer’s Consultation Service


Fishing & Aquaculture

Flea Market Vendor

Food and Beverages Services

Food Production and Processing of Bean Flour

Forestry & Logging | Wood & Plank Business

Fresh Egg Sale & Distribution Business

Fresh Vegetable Business

Frozen Chicken Production and Sales

Frozen Food Sales

Frozen Foods Services

Fumigation and Pest Control Services

Garden Centre Business/Flower Centre Business

Garden Eggs Business

Gardening Services

Ginger Farming

Goat Farming

Grass-Cutter Farming

Grocery Delivery Service

Growing and Sale of Edible Mushroom

Hibiscus Flower Export Business

Homemade Baking

Honey Processing

Honey Production, Sale and Export Business

Horticultural Services

Import and Sale of Egg Tray Equipment and Automatic Egg Carton Machine

Import and Sale of Fertilizer and Crop Manure

Import and Sale of Groundnut Oil

Import and Sale of Plant Oil as Palm Oil

Import and Sale of Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Corn Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil etc.

Import, Sale and Distribution of Chemicals as Food Additives, Products, Sweeteners, Stabilizers, Preservatives, Flavours, Thickeners, Antioxidants, Emulsifiers, Food Colouring etc.

Import, Sale and Distribution of Nutmeg

Import/Sale/Distribution of Food and Beverages

Incubate Eggs Artificially As Business

Livestock Feeds Production and Distribution

Livestock Management Services

Manufacture and Distribution of Groundnut Oil

Manufacture and Distribution of Soybean Oil, Olive Oil, Corn Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil etc.

Manufacture of Beverages

Manufacture of Food Products

Melon Export Business

Millet Export Business

Mobile Food Vendor Business and Sale of Cooked Food etc.

Mobile Fruit Juice Business

Oil Palm Plantation

Onion Production, Sale and Supply Business

Operate Fast Food Outlets

Operate Restaurant & Catering Service

Palm Oil Storage Business

Pest Control Business

Piggery Services

Poultry Business as Hatcheries

Poultry Feed mill business

Preparation, Packaging & Sale Of Fresh Fruits As Apples, Oranges, Mango, Lemon, Banana, Pears, Guava, and Avocados etc.

Production and Exportation of Cotton

Production and Processing Of Cassava To Cassava Flour

Production and Processing Of Cassava To Cassava Starch

Production and Sale of Bamboo

Production and Sale of Cassava

Production and Sale of Mango

Production and Sale of Pear

Production and Sale of Pineapple

Production and Sale of Plantain and Potato Chips

Production and Sale of Whole Egg Powder, Egg Yolk Powder, Egg Albumen Powder

Production and Sales of Coconut Oil

Production of Animal feed

Production Sale of Pawpaw and extract

Production, Sale and Distribution of Bitter Kola

Production, Sale and Distribution of Cashew Nut in Wholesale and Retail

Production, Sale and Distribution of Charcoal in Wholesale and Retail

Production, Sale and Distribution of Chilli Pepper in Wholesale and Retail

Production, Sale and Distribution of Garri in Wholesale and Retail

Production, Sale and Distribution of Groundnut

Production, Sale and Distribution of Groundnut In Wholesale And Retail

Production, Sale and Distribution of Honey and Honey Products

Production, Sale and Distribution of Irish Potatoes

Production, Sale and Distribution of Maize in Wholesale & Retails

Production, Sale and Distribution of Millet in Wholesale & Retail

Production, Sale and Distribution of Plant Oils Such as Palm Oil

Production, Sale and Distribution of Plantain

Production, Sale and Distribution of Sorghum in Wholesale & Retail

Production, Sale and Distribution of Soya beans

Production, Sale and Distribution of weed Killer

Production, Sale and Distribution of White Beans & Red Beans In Wholesale And Retail

Production, Sale and Export of Gum Arabic

Production, Sale and Export of Kosso Wood

Production and sale of Snail and Bye Products

Production, Sale and Export of Sugar Cane

Production, Sale, Distribution of Hibiscus Flower in Wholesale and Retail

Production/Sale of Grains As Rice, Wheat, Corn, Millet, Oats, Beans etc.

Quail Bird Rearing Business

Rearing and Sale of Pigeon

Rearing and Sale of Turkey and Bye Products

Rearing of Grass cutter 

Rearing of Poultry

Rearing, Sale of Goats, Rams, Sheep and Bye Products

Sale & Distribution of Shrimps in Wholesale and Retail

Sale and Distribution of Catering Equipment

Sale and Distribution of Quail Eggs

Sale and Distribution of Rice in Wholesale and Retail

Sale and Export of Gallstone

Sale of Agricultural Tools, Machine and Allied Products

Sale of Animal as dogs

Sale of dairy Products

Sale of Foodstuffs and Food Item As Rice, Beans, Garri, Melon, Roasted Fish etc.

Sale of Groceries

Sales of Mushroom

Seedling Production and Sale as Moringa

Sesame Seed Trading Business

Shrimp Export Business

Soya beans Export Business

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Agro Chemicals as Fertilizer, Pesticide, Herbicide, Fungicides, Bactericides etc.

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Organic Chemicals, Catalysts and Auxiliary Agents etc.

Start a Cocoa Butter Business

Start a Cocoa Powder Export Business

Start a Coconut Juice Production

Start a Cucumber Farming Business

Start a Duck Rearing Business

Start a Ginger Product Export Business

Start a Popcorn Production Business

Start Rice Farming

Start a Rice Manufacturing Firm

Start a Snail Sale and Export Business

Start Cocoa Business

Start Flower Farming and Sale Business

Start the Production, Sale and Distribution of Dry Fish

Start the Production, Sale and Distribution of Smoked Fish (Buy from Source and Sell in Cities)

Tomato Farming Business

Trade Kola nut

Venture into Snail Farming In Small or Medium Scale

Yam Sale and Distribution Business


ENTERTAINMENT ………………………………………………………………………………… 109 - 117


Artiste Management and Services

Become a Movies Producer and Produce Movies As Business

Become a Music Costumer  

Cinematography/Theaters Services

Concert Promoter

Creative, Art and Entertainment Activities

Entertainment Services

Establish a Music Record Studio As Business

Establish a Talent Exhibition Centre As Business

Establish Recreational Centre

Film Production Marketing Business

Film Production Services

Motion Picture, Video and Television Programme Production, Sound Recording and Music Publishing Activities.

Movies and Music CD Rental Business

Music Production

Night Clubs and Restaurant

Operate Viewing Centre

Organize Dance Class Services

Programming and Broadcasting Activities

Promotional Dance Business

Radio And Television Services as publicist

Record Label Business

Start a Song Writing

Start a Music Academy

Start a Music reality Show

Start a Music Recording Studio

Start a Play Station And Video Game Centre

Start Script Writing

Start a Showbiz Business



FASHION/SKIN CARE …………………………………………………………………….. 117 - 130


Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning Business

Barbing Salon Business

Become a Fashion Consultant

Boutique Business

Clothes Customization As In T- Shirt, Apparels etc.

Deal In Jewerly and Accessories

Design and Manufacture of Caps

Design and Production of Shade

Fashion Designing /Tailoring Services

Fitness and Beauty Reality Show

Go Into Belt Manufacturing

Go Into Production of Hair Bands and Ribbons

Import, Sale and Distribution of Designer Oil Perfume (Original and Undiluted)

Import, Sale and Distribution of Weavon and Attachment

Import/Sale and distribution of Fashion Equipment

Import/Sale/Distribution of Fashion Accessories as Headwear, Belt, Eyeglass etc.

Import/Sale/Distribution of Rubber Footwear’s in wholesale and Retail

Import/Sale/Distribution of Shoes and Footwear as Women, Men, Children, Special Purpose etc.

Make-Up and Make-Over Services

Manufacture of Causal Wearing Apparel

Manufacture of Textiles

Manufacturing of Wristband

Modelling Services

Okrika (Used Cloth Business in Bales) Business

Open a Bridal Store

Open a Fashion School

Open Clothes Mending Shop

Pedicure and Manicure Services

Perfumery Services

Production and Sale of Cultural/Native Attires

Production and Sale of Hampers

Production and Sale of Jewellery and Wrist Watches

Production and Sale of T- Shirts As Company T- Shirts, Church, Recreation etc.

Production of Ties

Production of Wedding Gowns & Bridal Dress

Production, Sale & Import of Men And Women Suits, Shoes, Belts etc.

Production, Sale and Distribution of Boxers

Production, Sale and Distribution of Corporate Badge and Name Tag

Production, Sale and Distribution of School Uniforms

Production, Sale, Import Of Men’s Clothing As Men’s Underwear, T-Shirt, Jackets, Suits, Jeans, Coat, Sweaters, Paints, Trousers, Vest etc.

Production/Sale/Import Of Garment Accessories As Buttons, Lace, Zippers, Ribbons, Buckles, Labels, Tags, Beads, Pads, Hooks, Clips, Thread, Needle etc.

Production/Sale/Import Of Women Clothing As Underwear, Blouses & Tops, Skirts, T-Shirts, Coats, Suits, Jackets, Sweaters, Pants, Maternity Clothing, Jeans, Shorts, Trousers etc.

Retailing of Suits and Corporate Shirts

Sale and Distribution of Hand Bags

Sale and Manufacturing Cosmetic

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Hair Care

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Skin Care

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Tattoo Removal Machine, Oxygen Jet, Wrinkle Removal Equipment, Skin Analyser, PDT Machine, Facial Steamer, Skin Scrubber, Magnifying Lamp, Tanning Bed, UV Meter etc.

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Wrist Watches and Accessories

Specialty Production and Sale of Dresses

Start a Beauty Salon Business (Manicure and Pedicure)

Start a Fashion Magazine Business

Start a Massage Therapy Business

Start a Modelling Agency

Start Interior Decoration Training School

Start Lingerie Production Company

Start Sale of Babies and Pregnant Women Clothes

Starting A Hairdressing And Unisex Saloon

Tailoring (Suit and Designing of Clothes)

Tattoo Shop

Textile Services

Wholesale and Retail of Designer Oil Perfume (Original and Undiluted)



ARTS AND CRAFT ………………………………................................................... 131 - 135


Art Buying Services

Art Galleries, Museum and Monument Services

Art Gallery and Sale Business

Arts and Craft Business

Arts, Craft and Designing

Basket and Broom Production

Bead Production and Sale Business

Handcraft (Hide & Skin) Business and Export

Hat Making Business

Image Consultant

Import/Sale/Distribution of Luggage and Bags

Knitting/Crocheting Lessons

Leather Works/Tannery Services

Local Production of Designer Bags and Shoes

Making Craft At Home (Hand-Made)

Manufacture of Leather & Related Products

Mat Making Business

Production and Sale of Gifts and Craft

Production and Sales of Footwear

Production, Packaging, Sale and Distribution of Souvenir

Production/Sale and Distribution of Leather Shoe and Material

Sale of Musical Instrument as Drum, Guitar etc.



EDUCATION AND TRAINING …………………………………………….. 135 - 146


Accounting & Accounting Software delivery

Accounting & Bookkeeping Service

Activities Auxiliary to Financial Services and Insurance Activities

Apprenticeship and Training

Development and Training of Employees

E- Library Services

Education and Business Start Up

Educational Consult and Allied Services

Educational Lesson and Tutorial Centre

Establish a Private Library

Establish a Research Laboratory

Establish Self-Empowerment centres for Corpers and Graduates

Home Tutoring and Training Business

Import, Sale and Distribution of Foreign Educational and Motivational Cd’s For Children

Montessori Supplies

Montessori Training

Office & School Supplies Business As Office, Printer, Writing, Educational, Art, Board etc.

Operate Crèche & Day Care

Operate Nursery & Primary School

Operate Primary & Secondary School

Organize Workshop and Conferences

Organizing Conferences

Organizing Seminars/Symposiums

Production and Sale of Past Exam Questions and CBT Software

Production and Sale of Research Guides Term Papers, Essay and Research Projects

Production and Sale of White Board Marker

Production, Sale and Distribution of Cake Toppers and Educational Teaching Aids for Schools

Publication of Law Report & Journal

Sale of Stationery as Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Exercise Books etc.

Sales of Books and Stationeries

Scientific Research & Development

Seminar Consulting

Setup a Law Firm

Start Educational Magazine

Student Admission Placement Services

Vocational Education and Training Services



SECURITY ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. 147 - 150


Access Control System Installation and Maintenance Business

CCTV Installation and Maintenance Business

Fire Alarm System Installation and Maintenance Business

Importation and Sale of Security and Protection Equipment and Products

Installation of CCTV And Allied Products

Military and Paramilitary Supply Business

Professional Security and Guard Services

Background Check Firm

Security and Investigation Activities

Security Gadget Sales

Start A Property Security Service Business

Start Home Security Equipment Sales Business



PROCESSING ………………………………………………………………………………………….. 150 - 160


Biscuit Production

Brewery Business

Chemical Engineering Business

Coconut Juice Production

Custard Production and Sales Business

Ethanol Production

Fruits/Fruit Juice Production & Sales

Ice Cream Production

Manufacture Of Candles and Associated Products

Manufacture of Chemicals and Chemical Products

Manufacture of Paper & Paper Products

Manufacture of Picture Frame

Manufacture of Rubber & Plastic Products

Manufacture of Tobacco Products

Manufacturing of Plastic Products

Milling and Grinding Services

Olive Oil Extraction and Sale

Operate Confectionery Shop

Plantain Chips Making and Sales

Plastic Manufacturing Services

Processing Services

Production and Sale of Polythene Bags

Production, Sale and Distribution of Ethanol

Production, Sale and Distribution of Zobo

Production, Sale, Packaging and Distribution of Bean Flour for Akara, Moi-Moi etc.

Sale of Inorganic chemical

Specialty Manufacture & Sale of Paints and Paint Bye Products

Spices Production

Start a Chalk Production Business

Start a Mini Nylon Production Business

Start a Yogurt Production Company

Start Natural Juice Production and Sale Business

Starting a Bakery Business

Wholesale and Distribution of Baked Bread



FINANCE ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 160 - 164


Banking and Finance

Become a Financial Advisor

Establish a Contributing Co-Operative Firm

Establish a Micro Finance Business

Financial Consultancy

Financial Services, Activities except Insurance and Pension Funding

Forensic Accounting Services

Forex/Bureau de change operator business

Mobile Banking Services

Money Broker Business

Private Equity Firm

Start a Digital POS Business

Stock Trading and Investment

Venture Capitalist



ESSENTIAL SERVICES ……………………………………………………………… 164 - 216


Accounting/Auditing Consultancy

Activities of Head Office; Management Consultancy Activities

Activities of Households as Employers of Domestic Personnel

Activities of Membership Organization


Advertisement & Market Research

Advertising & Marketing Services

Advertising Agency as a Business For Beginners

Aeronautic Engineering/Consultancy

Agency Service Business Such As Apparel Agents, Automotive Parts Agents, Agricultural Agent, Chemical Product Agents, General Trade Agents, Printing Product Agents etc.

Aquaponics Business

Arbitration Services

Arbitration/Mediation Services

ATM Service and Repairs

Auctioneering Services

Bar Services

Beauty and Saloon Services

Become a Business Consultant

Blacksmith Services

Borehole Drilling and Water Works

Bulletin Board Service

Business Broker

Business Plan/Proposal Writing Service

Business Plan/Proposal Writing Service Business

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Support & Dev. Services

Canopy, Chairs and Table Rental Service Business

Cleaning/Waste Disposal Services

Cobbler Services

Cold Room Services

Commission Agency

Community Based Association

Company Liquidation Services

Company Secretarial Services

Corporate Insurance Broker

Debt Collection Service

Domestic Support Services

Driving School Services

Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services & Industrial Cleaning Services/Training

Editorial Service Business

Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Services

Electricity, Gas, Stream & Air Condition Supply

Employee Leasing

Employment Activities

Engineering Services

Environmental & Landscaping Services

Errand & Home Delivery Services

Establish and Run a Recruitment Service Business For Organizations

Event and Public Speaking

Event Planning

Events Management, General Merchandise, Wholesale and Retail Trade

Events Management/Planning

Fire and Safety Services

Footwear Repair Shop and Key Making

Foundation Based Association

Funeral Undertaker Service Business

Gambling & Betting Services

General Contract

General Contract and Merchandise

General Merchandise

General Services As Brokerage Services, Translation Services, Education & Training, Internet Service, Passport & Visa, Labour & Employment, Research etc.

Gold Smiting Services

Guidance and Counselling Services

Hair Clipper Sharpening Business (Machine)

Home Cleaning Business

Human Resources Management and Development Services

Hydro Electrical Work

Industrial and Safety Services

Industrial Chemical Services

Industrial Clearing Services

Insurance Company

Insurance Consultancy Services

Invest In Pure Water Production Business

Ladder and Tool Rental Service Business

Laundry Services

Lawn Care and Gardening Service Business

Legal and Accounting Activities

Legal Practice & Consultancy

Legislative Consultancy

Life Coach and Mentoring Business

Life Coaching and Mentorship

Locksmith Business

Lubricant/Oil Services

Magazine Publication

Management Consultancy Services

Manufacturing Services

Map Publisher/Distribution

Marketing Services

Match Stick Production

Monogramming and Branding Services

Nanny Agency

Other General Services As Law Services, Leasing Services, Security Service, Supply Chain Management, Telecommunication Services, Auction Services, Repair & Maintenance  And Public Relations Services

Packaging And Printing Business As In Paper Packaging, Plastic Packaging, Food Packaging, Transport Packaging, Gift Packaging, Apparel Packaging, Pharmaceutical And Agricultural Packaging etc.


Painting Consultancy

Parks & Recreational Services

Personal or Virtual Assistant Business

Personal Relation Agent

Personal Shopper & Errand Services

Printing Press

Production and Distribution Of Renewable Energy

Production and Sale of Wires and wireworks services

Project Management Services

Public Convenience Service

Public Relation Service

Publishing Activities

Rare Book Dealer/Search Services

Recruitment and Employment Agency Business

Recycling Services

Remediation Activities and Other Waste Management Services

Rental and Leasing Activities

Rental Services

Repair and Maintenance of Clock

Salesman Trainers Agency

Sawmilling Services

Secretarial Service Business

Service Equipment And Suppliers Business As Advertising Material, Store & Supermarket Supplies, Restaurant & Hotel Supplies, Physical Security Equipment etc.

Set up a Wind Turbines as alternative Power Supply


Signage Making Company

Social Clubs Based Association

Social Works Activities without Accommodation

Solar Energy

Solar Panel Repair Business

Spa Treatment Services

Speaking and Presentation Coaching

Start a bail bond business

Start a Battery Reconditioning Business (Jeep, Laptop, Camera, Camping Batteries etc.)

Start a Borehole Drilling Service Business

Start a Dating Service Business

Start a Drop shipping Business

Start a Loan and Money Lending Company

Start a Multi – Level Marketing Business

Start a Referral Service Business

Start a Screen Printing Business

Start a Translation Service Business

Start an Event and Project Planning Business

Start Cement Production Business

Starting a 3DPrint Modelling

Starting a mini Printing Press Business

Supply of Unskilled Labour

Tax Consultancy

Teachers Recruitment

Technical Services

Thrift Collection

Town Planning Services

Trade Show Services Business as Tradeshow Equipment, Exhibiting Services, Exhibition Invitation, Tradeshow Planning, Tradeshow Training

Video CD Rental Services

Waste Collection, Treatment and Disposal; Material Recovery

Water Collection Treatment and Supply

Water Proofing

Weight Loss Consultancy

Welding Services

Write Resume and Cover Letter as Business



ESSENTIAL (TRADE)…………………………………………………………………. 216 - 239


Be A Distributor for Magnetic Mosquito Proof Curtain

Buying and Selling Of Baking Powder

Car Port (Canopy) Sale and Installation

Cartridge Sale and Refilling

Chemical Importation Business

Commercial Baking Equipment

Deal In General Goods and Manufacturers Representatives

Deal In Hot Drinks

Deal In Soft Drinks

Deal In Wines, Drinks and Beverages

Diapers Production, Sale and distribution

Distribution and Sale of Treated Water


Ice Block Production and Sales

Import and Export of General Goods

Import and Sale of Sex Products

Import/Sale and Distribution of Wine

Import/Sale/Distribution of Plastic Chairs and Tables

Import/Sale/Distribution of Tools as Hand Tools, Power Tools, Tool Sets, Lifting Tools, Construction Tools etc.

Manufacture Of Wood & Off Product of Wood and Cook

Manufacturers Representation, Import, Export and General Merchandise

Mattress and Pillow Manufacturing and Sale

Mattress and Pillow Sale and Distribution

Mechanical Works

Metal Works

Mini Importation Business

Office Administrative, Office Support and Other Business Support Service

One Price Sale Shop

Operate Departmental Store

Operate Supermarkets

Paper Bag Production

Paper Tissue Business

Printing and Book Production

Printing and Reproduction of Recorded Media

Printing, Sale, paper and book Production

Production and Sale of Bottled and Packed Water

Production and Sale of Liquid Soap

Production and Sale of Plastic Chairs and Tables

Production and Sale of Rubber and Plastic Products as Cups, Kitchen Items, Plates, Spoons, Coolers, Basins etc.  

Production, Sale and Distribution of after Shave cream and lotions

Production, Sale and Distribution of Bathroom Cleaner

Production, Sale and distribution of Cassava based adhesive

Production, Sale and Distribution of Envelopes

Production, Sale and Distribution of Eye Glasses, Sunglasses etc.

Production, Sale and distribution of Freshener Production

Production, Sale and Distribution of Gums and Binders

Production, Sale and Distribution of Printing Ink

Production, Sale and Distribution Of Rubber Stamp, Company Seal And The Office Accessories

Production, Sale and Distribution of Stain Removers

Production, Sale and Distribution of Wheelchairs

Promotional Materials Business

Retail Trade, Except Of Motor Vehicle and Motorcycles

Rope Production, Sale and distribution

Sale and Distribution of Clock

Sale and Distribution of Nylon

Sale and Distribution of Paint and Paint Products

Sale of Fire and Safety Equipment

Sale of Snacks as In Biscuits, Cakes, Peanut, Sweets etc.

Sale of Soft Drinks and Bottled Water in Wholesale and Retail

Sales Wood and Milling Plank

SIM Card Sales and Replacement

Specialty Sale and Distribution of tight head plastic storage drums (multi-purpose)

Start a Major Distributorship Business of Fast Selling Item

Start a Polymer Business

Start a Provision Retail Shop Business

Start a Silver Extraction Business Where You Extract Silver from Waste Products and Sell for Profit

Trade on Sell 25litre Used Yellow Gallons


Vending Business

Wholesale Printing/Sale and Distribution of Recharge Cards

Wholesale Trade, Except Of Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle



SOLID MINERALS ………………………………………………………………………. 239 - 242      


Dealers And Sale Of Minerals And Metallurgy As Aluminium, Copper, Steel, Iron Ore, Lead etc.

Geosciences Services

Manufacture of Basic Metals

Metal Scrap Collection and Trading

Mining of Coal & Lignite

Mining of Metal Ores

Mining Support Services Activities

Mining, Production and Export of Solid Minerals as Lead Ore, Zinc, Kaolin, Tin Ore etc.

Production, Sale and Distribution of Iron Rods

Sales and Supply of Iron Seals and Metal

Specialty Sale/Distribution of Stones as Natural Stone, Landscaping Stone, Stone Carvings etc.

Start the Sale of Diamond and Gold

Steel Works Services

Supply of Iron Scraps and Metals

Trade Gemstones/Precious Stones



HOBBIES AND SPORT ………………………………………………………….. 242 - 247



Ball Manufacturing Business

Become a Football Scout

Become a Motivational Speaker

Establish a Sport Television and Radio Station

Football Jersey Customizing Business

Football Pitch Construction and Maintenance Business

Become a Sports Blogger

Photography and Photo Shooting Services

Photography Services

Production and Sale of Sports Toys

Sale And Distribution Of Sport Wear As Swim Wear, Beachwear, Cycling Wear, Football Wear, Basketball Wear, Motorcycle Wear, Martial Arts Wear, Fitness Wear, Racing Wear, Jogging Wear, Training Wear, Tennis Wear etc.

Sale of Sport Equipment

Snooker Table Game Business

Sport Activities, Amusement and Recreation Activities

Start a Cycling Club

Sport App Company

Open a Gym

Sports Consulting Business 

Sports Promotion Services

Sports Research, Documentary and Biography Writing Company

Start a Sport Betting Agency

Start a Sports Clothes Production Company

Start a sport Marketing, Branding and Promotion Company

Start Community Football Academy

Tennis Table Game Business

Sports Magazine or Newspaper





Affiliate Marketing Business

Android Games Development

Become a Call Centre Representative

Become an Application Developer

Bulk SMS Services

Buying and Selling Of Instagram Accounts

Computer Repair Businesses as In Laptop, Desktops, Ipad Of Different Brands

Create a Graph Company Which Specialize In Making Effective Graphs from Any Data Provided

Create a Monthly Subscription Service for Unlimited EBooks

Create Tutorial Videos For Technological Skills (Word Processing, Internet Application, and Email) For People Who Don’t Know Technology.

Create a Unified Affiliate Marketing Program for Every Store on the Web

Create a Web Based Language Tutors Using Skype and Google Docs for Curriculum

Create a Website for Swapping Products

Create a Website Where Musicians Can Collaborate On Tracks

Create a Website with an Idea of Business Where Customer Buy One Product And Have a Mystery Product Of Lesser Value Shipped To A Friend

Create an App to Sell To Universities That Allows Students to Access Their Transcripts Online

Creating an Affiliate Online Forum Revenue Site on the Internet

Creating Word Press Themes

Creation and Development of Online Forums

Crytocurrency Trading and Exchange

Custom Illustration Service

Cybercafé And Business Centre

Digital Advertising Business

Do Binary Options

Domain name flipping

E- Commerce Business

E- Tech Consulting

E-Bay and Amazon Selling

E-Book Production and Sale

E-business Analytical software e.g. agribusiness

Establish a Jamb Cbt Centre For Jamb, WAEC, and NECO etc.

Establish a Payment Gateway Company like Pay stack And Remita

Fashion Blog

Fiver reselling Business

Forex (Foreign Exchange) Trading Business

Go into the Installations of Optic Fibre Cables

Graphic Designing

Hardware Supply

ICT Training and Consultancy

Import and Sale of drones (drone rendering business)

Import/Sale/Distribution Of Telecommunications Products As Communication, Radio & TV Broadcasting Equipment, Network, GPS System, Telephone, Antennas etc.

Information Service Activities

Internet Researcher

Internet Security Consultant Service

Internet Services as In Internet Subscription and Sharing Service Business

IT Others

IT Services as Phones and Computer Repairs

Lead Generator for Local Business

Match Making Website (Dating website) Business

Mobile Billboard Service

Networking Services

Online Car Dealership Business

Online Flight Booking Business

Online Hotel Booking Business

Online Library (E-Library)

Online Skill acquisition Training

Online Sport Shop

Online Tech Video Channel

Online Training on Cloth And Apparel Making And Tailoring

Online Vitamin/Health Food Store

Opening Home Web-Study

Outline Boutique Business

Podcast Investing Business

Product Reviewer

Production, Sale and Distribution of Digital Software’s

Production and Sale of Photos Online As Business

Programming, Consultancy & Related Services

Programming/Coding Tutorials 

Run a Search Engine Optimization Agency as Business

Sale of Call Cards and Data Bundles

Sale of Computer, Laptops, Printer, Photocopies and Their Accessories

Sale of Telecommunication Accessories

Sale of Television Decoders and TV Subscription Business

Sale/Distribution of Mobile Phones and Accessories

Sell Hot Digital Products as Business

Setting Up a Computer Training School

Social Media Consultant Service

Software and Games Development

Software Development

Software Development, Web Design and Intranet Development

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution Of Computer Hardware And Software As Computer Parts, Storage Devices, Networking Devices, Computer Accessories, Desktops etc.

Specialty Import/Sale/distribution of used mobile Phones

Start a Blogging Business

Start a Broadcasting Network of Radio and TV Business

Start a Content Marketing Business

Start a Copywriting Business

Start a Freelance Writing Business

Start a Ghost Writing Business

Start a Laptop Importation Business for New and Used Brands

Start a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Business

Start a Social Media Marketing Company

Start a Video Making and Editing Business

Start a YouTube Business and Create Interesting (Comedy and Online Tutorial)

Start a YouTube Tutorial Business

Start an Article Writing Business

Start an E-Mail Marketing Company

Start an Online Marketing Company

Start Proofreading For Money

Start Publishing Info Tech Magazine


Trade On Volatility Indices

Video ad creator business

Web Design and Programming Business

Web hosting reselling business

Website maintenance service

Website/Server Maintenance Service

YouTube Advertising



OIL & GAS …………………………………………………………………………………………………. 278 - 288


Build and Sale Customized Oil and Gas Software Applications

Extraction of Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas

Gas Cylinder and Gas Refilling Business

Import/Sale/Distribution of Gas Cylinder of Different Sizes

Invest in Gas Pipelines

Invest In Oil and Gas by Building a Private Refinery

Invest in Petroleum Tank Farm

Manufacture of Coke and Refined Petroleum Products

Manufacturing, Sale and Distribution of Oil and Gas Machines and Equipment

Marketing of Natural Gas

Production, Sale and Distribution of Lubricants and Bye Products

Retailing and supply of pumping machines

Sale of Petroleum Tankers

Sale/Distribution of Petroleum Products

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Petrochemicals as Paraffin, Lubricant, Bitumen, Petroleum Gas, Vaseline etc.

Specialty sale and distribution of Steel Oil Storage drums

Start a Crude oil Brokerage Business

Start a Diesel Supply Business

Start a Filling Station

Start a filling Station Construction and Building Company

Start a Gas Plant Servicing Company

Start a Kerosene Depot

Start a Kerosene Storage and Distribution Business

Start a Petrochemical Refinery Plant

Start a Petroleum Tanker Servicing and Maintenance Company

Start a Sale and Distribution of Aviation Fuel

Start a Sale and Distribution of Diesel in Small Scale

Start an oil and Extraction and Drilling Company

Start an Oil and Gas Recruitment Company 

Start an Oil and Gas Servicing Company

Start an Oil Spillage Cleaning Company

Start Crude Oil Shipping Company

Start Gas and Petroleum Pipeline Security Business

Start Health and Safety Training Company for Oil and Gas Workers

Start on Oil and Gas Consultancy and Advisory Services

Start Petroleum Products Haulage Company

Start Petroleum Tank Farm Servicing and Maintenance Company

Start Pipe Laying and Maintenance Company

Start Pumping Machines Manufacturing Company

Start the Manufacturing of Cooking Gas Cylinder

Start Up a Repair and Maintenance Service to Oil Companies

Supply of Aviation Fuel



TRANSPORTATION …………………………………………………………… 288 - 297


Air Transport

App Based Taxi Service

Boat and Canoe Construction

Boat Tours Service Business

Car Leasing and Transport Business

Clearing and Forwarding Services

Fleet Management Service Business

Land Transport and Transport via Pipelines

Logistic Services as Sea Freight, Air Freight, Express, Warehouse Services, Custom Clearance Services, Railway Freight, Road Freight and Waterway Freight

Motorized three wheelers (tricycles)

Postal and Courier Activities

Procurement, Shipping and Logistic Business

Product Transport Business

Rail and Tram Services

Road Transportation Services as Car Wash

Sea Transport

Setting up a boat Transportation business

Start a Boat Building, Repair and Maintenance Company

Start a Vehicle Towing Service Company

Starting a Driving School

Truck And Haulage Services of special goods

Warehousing and Support Activities for Transportation



ELECTRONICS …………………………………………………………………………………. 297 - 302


Import, Sale and Distribution of ID card Printers

Import, Sale and Distribution of Electrical Transformers

Import, Sale and Distribution of Generators

Import, Sale and Distribution of Refrigerator

Import/Sale/Distribution of Generators, Generator Parts and Accessories

Import/Sale/Distribution of Lights and Lighting

Import/Sale/Distribution of Toys

Maintenance and Repair of Refrigerator and Air Condition

Manufacture of Computers, Electronic and Optical Products

Manufacture of Electrical Equipment

Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products, Except Machinery & Equipment

Manufacture of Machinery & Equipment

Manufacture of Other Non-Metallic Material Products

Plant and Equipment Management

Production, Supply, Sale and Installation of Electrical & Electronic Equipment

Repair and Installation of Machinery and Equipment

Repair of Computers, Personal and Household Goods

Sale and Supply of Camera, Projectors and Photography Accessories

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution of Batteries and Chargers

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution   of Cameras, Photographic Material and Accessories

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution   of Electrical and Electronics Supplies

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution   of Energy Products

Specialty Import/Sale/Distribution   of Television, DVD Player & Home Theater and Electronic Gadgets etc.

Start a Solar Energy Installation Business

Start GSM Phone Repair and Services

Start the Sale and Distribution of Inverters and Battery Business

Supply and Distribution of General Goods

Supply of Hardware

Supply, Sales and Services of Solar   Equipment and Inverters

Television Repair

Undifferentiated Goods and Services Producing Activities of Private Households for Own Use

Used Industrial Equipment Sale

100 Source of Business Capital …………………………………………………………………………………… 302 -307


Appendices ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 308


Appendix 1 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 309 – 312


Appendix 2 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 313 – 316


Appendix 3 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 317 – 318


References ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 318 – 320