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Smart digital Watch

Generic Hot New Release Wearable Devices DZ09 Smart Watch Support SIM TF Card Electronics Wrist Watch Connect Android Smartphone DZ11 Smart Watch Silver Key Features Two Working Mode: Phone Card (SIM card), Bluetooth.

Multi Functions:

WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook,Browser(need put a 2G/2.5G network SIM card); time,schedule,read text message; Sport health: Pedometer,sleep monitoring,sedentary remind.

Other functions:

Image viewer, Sound recorder (need put and SD card ), Remote capture, Alarm clock, Calendar,Camera (0.3M), Two way Anti-lost It supports you to make calls by Bluetooth(connect with your smart phone) or smart watch(phone card insert) Call, hand free, phone book; Bluetooth phone call call record Widely compatible with android ios phones: Samsung Galaxy Note HTC Sony and lot more fantastic features you will love.

Intellective computer for kids

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Early childhood education cannot begin soon enough. What better way to begin language development, number recognition, and introduction to technology than with their own laptop! With 25 assorted edutainment games and activities, your child can learn spelling and words, addition and subtraction, even musical notes! There is so much packed into this device, your child will be happy and learning for hours.


Full QWERTY Keyboard 25 Learning Activities and Games Great Way to Introducing Technology to Young Children Runs on AA Batteries - Not Included What's Included: One (1) Computer Intellective Laptop One (1) Mouse

YPad for Kids

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The ideal learning tool for your kids, It comes with some cool features and it is handy, easy to use learning tool. What makes it fancy is that when you turn it on blue light grows ground the tablet. With this awesome device, your kids can improve their pronunciation of some words, learn how to spell, it also helps to exercise your child’s eyesight,‎ hearing ability and knowledge.

Other Features

Word Mode: 6 Special Words and Different Sound: Letter Mode, Spelling Mode, Word Mode, Asking Mode. 1 Demo key: 2 different songs.It requires a Requires 3 X AA batteries. SEE Age: 18months + Dimensions: 24*18.7*1cm Choose from 2 colours (Pink and Blue) PLEASE NOTE Please don’t compare this to the real iPad This device does not have an LCD screen The device has icon buttons which need to be pressed.

Sum Time - Puzzle Game

Performance and specificatT

Type: Puzzle

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* Help in training thinking * Improve the learning interest of the children * Help to improve the observation of the child Sum Time is an educational puzzle game very perfect for your kids success in school and life . It is a very interesting way to make arithmetic exercises easy for kids.  Children learn to count and add up by themselves with 15 cards with plenty of counting and arithmetic exercises.  A welcoming gift for children. Age class: 4+ Color: Multi colour.

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Universal Ben 10 English Learner Educational Kids Laptop

Ben10 English Learner Kids Laptop:Check out the new Ben10 English Learner Kids Laptop from the well known brand HPY Toys. This laptop for kids feature the popular Ben 10 cartoon characters and is likely to impress your child. Designed with precision, this HPY Toys Ben10 English Learner Kids Laptop comes with a keyboard and has a sleek body. It is now available on Snapdeal at a pocket-friendly price. This laptop comes with educational games which improve the cognitive skills of children.

Ideal for kids aged five to seven years, this laptop offers a fun way to learn. It is also easy to carry and comes with an attached mouse for offering better control. This kids laptop has different levels of gaming that develop the cognitive and the interactive skills of kids. This advanced toy laptop allows your little one to get a creative learning experience and encourages logical reasoning.

This fabulous HPY Toys Ben10 English Learner Kids Laptop is made of quality plastic which gives it a smooth and scratch-free surface. It can be folded with easy and carried outdoors. The light weight of this laptop makes it portable. Battery Operated Equipped with various useful features, this HPY Toys Ben10 English Learner Kids Laptop works efficiently with batteries. It is one among the educational toys that are easy to operate as well.

Features Offered

This laptop toy helps in alphabet recognition, spelling and better pronunciation. Interesting visuals on this laptop toy also promote easy comprehension. The laptop also shows the time and the date on pressing a button. Built-in Music Designed with precision, this laptop toy also delivers audible verbal instructions for your child to follow. The clear sound quality makes it easier for children to decipher.

Spell Time - Puzzle Game

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* Help improve the learning interest of the child

* Help to improve the observation of the child

* Improve child thinking. This puzzle game teaches kids how to learn by themselves, as it is self-correcting and it is impossible to place a tile on the wrong square.  

The coloured squares help the child to recognise the right and correct letters, the 90 base words have a maximum of five letters. 

The alphabet card will help the child learn their ABC. The case is robust and can be carried easily, once in place, the tiles are secure and the box is also used to display the cards.  This toy is also a good product to give as gift.

Age class: 4+

Colour : Multi colour

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Streetwise Landlording and Property Management- Insider Secret

Streetwise Landlording Property Management: Insiders Advice on How to Own Real Estate and Manage It Profitably.

As appealing and lucrative as property ownership can be, it isn't an occupation to be learned through trial and error. It's essential property owners understand all the ins and outs--legally and financially--for their own welfare as well as their tenants.

Streetwise Landlording and Property Management addresses all aspects of the business, from the practical to the strategic. Property management is a 24/7 job with high risks as well as rewards. Streetwise Landlording and Property Management helps you assess whether or not you're cut out for the job. This book is filled with useful info on buying and running rental property (the book briefly covers commercial and other property classes, but it's mostly about buying and running apartments).

Production/Industrial Manual

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Production Manual for Chemical based Products like never before covering Cosmetics, Adhesives, Beverages and Food, Disinfectant, Industrial chemicals, Lubricants, Paints,Printing Inks, Stain Removers, Soaps and detergents, wood finishes etc and over 100 product formulations, processing method & Usage, Equipment & tools, quality parameter, sources of raw material, useful tips and all relevant Information.


Adhesives (Multi-Purpose white glue, leather and rubber/PVC adhesives, polyester/car body filler, office gums, clear/swam glue, putty, super glue, gasket gum, casein glue, wall poly filler, cassava starch adhesives etc).

Beverages (Fruit juice, ice creams, fruit/flavoured drinks, standard yoghurt, zobo fruit drink, cocoa beverage powder, standard soya milk drink, full fat soya powder, custard powder, baking powders, ice lolly etc).

Cosmetics (Spray perfume, hair shampoos, hair creams, moisturizing creams & lotions, deodorants & medicated powders, instant hair conditioners, nail polish cleaner etc).

Disinfectants (antiseptic disinfectants, germicides, toilet bowl cleaners, mentholated spirit, hydrogen peroxides solution, liquid air refreshers, insecticides etc).

Auto Car Paints (Auto base, auto lux, auto cryl, auto flex, auto cellulose, auto primer etc).

Industrial Chemicals (Petroleum jelly, cobalt drier, zinc stearate, industrial perfume, white cement etc).

Printing Inks (Nylon ink, plastic/PVC inks, flexo ink, web-offset ink, corrugated corrugated carton ink, marker inks, textiles/fabrics ink, food grade/edible inks, gravure inks, UV inks, Tin/metal inks, flexographic inks etc).

Lubricants (Motor engine oils, Brake/clutch fluid, automatic transmission fluid(ATF), radiator coolant, chain lubricant, lubricating/penetrating oils, cutting oils, mould release agents, automobile gear oil, industrial gear oil, motorcycle engine oil etc).

Decorative Paints (Gloss, acrylic & normal Emulsion, textured, flexure, P. O.P Emulsion, marble, primers/antSoaps & Detergentsi-rusts etc).

Detergent(Bar/laundry, toilet, medicated/antiseptic, powder detergents, scouring powders, multi purpose liquid detergents, dish washing liquid, hand wash liquid, black herbal soap etc).

Office Stationeries (Toner ink, ribbon ink, stamp pad/endorsing inks, marker inks, artist paint/poster colour, black board renovator, school chalk & crayons etc).

Stain Removers (Fabric stain removers, domestic stain removers, organic & inorganic stain removers, tiles and marble stain removers, rust & paint removers, perfumed laundry bleach etc).

Wood finishes & Treatments (Laquer, stain, sanding sealer, primer, varnish, polish, cellulose, wood preservatives etc). Greases (Sodium grease, calcium grease, white grease, graphic grease, lithium grease, axie grease etc). Etc


Where & how to source for Raw materials, Equipment, & Funds. Rules of Chemical Business. Guide to product Branding. Standard Organization of Nigeria Laboratories Standard Organization of Nigeria Certifications How To Secure Fast Registration And Important Information Guidelines For Registration Of Imported Food Products In Nigeria NAFDAC/RR/004/00 Guidelines For Importation Of Chemicals In Nigeria Directorate Of Narcotics & Control Substances.

Frequently Asked Question (SON) NAFDAC, SON (Standard organization of Nigeria) & DPR Requirements and how to meet them. Guide to registering your Chemical Business. Chemical Business Plan format Sample Chemical Business Plan Loans and Business financing including 14 Alternative ways to raise capital without visiting the Bank. Etc. The Chemical Manuals/Guides/Materials are comprehensive format prepared both in soft and hard copies and can be ordered whole or in parts to be delivered to you. Also has in all, the Production Procedures, Formulations, Raw materials, Equipment, Sources of Raw Materials, Resource Materials and Contacts.

4 Blood Types, 4 Diets, Eat Right for your Type

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This book is a new health Phenomenon. If you’ve ever suspected that not everyone should eat the same thing or do the same exercise, you’re right. In fact, what foods we absorb well and how our bodies handle stress differ with each blood type.

Your blood type reflects your internal chemistry. It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of disease, longevity, fitness, and emotional strength. It determines your susceptibility to illness, the foods you should eat, and ways to avoid the most troubling health problems.

Based on decades of research and practical application, Eat Right 4 Your Type offers an individualized diet-and-health plan that is right for you. In this revised and updated edition of Eat Right 4 Your Type, you will learn: • Which foods, spices, teas, and condiments will help maintain your optimal health and ideal weight • Which vitamins and supplements to emphasize or avoid • Which medications function best in your system • Whether your stress goes to your muscles or to your nervous system • Whether your stress is relieved better through aerobics or meditation • Whether you should walk, swim, or play tennis or golf as your mode of exercise • How knowing your blood type can help you avoid many common viruses and infections • How knowing your blood type can help you fight back against life-threatening diseases • How to slow down the ageing process by avoiding factors that cause rapid cell deterioration.

This is an Excerpts from the book: If your blood type is O: Eat meat (high protein, low carbohydrate). Cut out wheat and most other grains. Engage in vigorous aerobic exercise. Your risk factors for ulcers and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis increase if you eat incorrectly for your type. If your blood type is A: You should be a vegetarian (high carbohydrate, low fat). Engage in gentle exercises such as yoga or golf. Meditate to deal with stress. Your risk factors for cancer and heart disease increase if you eat incorrectly for your type.

If your blood type is B: You should have the most varied diet of all the blood types, one including meat; yours is the only blood type that does well with dairy products. Engage in exercise such as moderate swimming or walking. Your risk for slow-growing viruses that attack the nervous system increases if you eat incorrectly for your type. If your blood type is AB: You have most of the benefits and intolerances of types A and B. Engage in calming exercises and relaxation techniques. You have the friendliest immune system of all the blood types.

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Audio Wordpad - Educational Toy for Kids


Learn Letters, Numbers, Colours and Shapes, Fruit, Animals etc

It can be use as drawing book, pen included Melodious Music Quiz and Test Loud Speaker

This Audio wordpad is an educational toy for your kids with a difference. It contains 11 categories and features your child will learn from. Each pad/cards contain each feature. The wordpad has 11 different cards (detachable) inside that represent each feature, eg it contains cards for letters, which assist kids to learn the letters A-Z with sound. It sounds loud when any of the letter is press. It is battery operated. It has cards for Number which assist your child to learn numbers.

Other features that assist your kids to learn Animals, Fruit, Titles, Necessary, National Flags, Colors and shapes, Transports, Stationery and Food & Vegetable. Each card is detachable which allows your kids to fix and learn any feature. It has loud speaker. It also has Music, learning, Quiz, interrogated test, follow me and repeat functions. It has drawing at the back with pen. Your kids can also learn drawing and colouring using the back. Best gift for children. Age Class: 3+ Color: Multi color.

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Guide to Mechanized Sheabutter Extraction and Refinery


Shea butter Extraction & Refining; Introduction Physical & Chemical properties including a fatty acid constituent of good quality Shea butter.

The new quality standard combination of shea butter now accepted worldwide and how to get quick certification.

Guide to preservation & processing Shea butter to ensure quality and market penetration.

Location for your Shea butter processing plant; Location feasibility Your Company Location & Facilities.

Nigeria Shea Industry; Statistical figures & facts.

West Africa Shea Industry; Statistical figures & facts.

Africa Shea Industry; Statistical figures & facts.

World Shea Industry; Statistical figures & facts.

Historical trends: Sheanut, Shea Butter & Shea cake production in Nigeria.

Cost Feasibility: Funding & Raising Capital for the project set up.

Feasibility: Facilities and Production equipment list, name, model, power requirement, quantity, specification, technologies, machinery and cost of the machinery of 50tpd shea nut oil press plant.

Feasibility: Facilities and Production equipment list, name, model, power requirement, quantity, specification of different refinery sections including technologies, machinery, and cost of the machinery of 20tpd shea nut oil refinery plant.

Feasibility: 50tpd shea nut oil press process flow chart/project plan.

Feasibility: Project Quotation/cost analysis for a 50 TPD shea nut oil press plant.

Feasibility: 20 TPD shea nut oil refinery process flowchart/project plan.

Feasibility: Project Quotation/cost analysis for a 20 TPD shea nut oil refinery plant.

Feasibility: Total Quotation for an Integrated Project of 50tpd Shea butter extraction & 20tpd refinery system.

Colorful diagrammatic illustration, uses and function(s) of the different Shea nut oil extraction plant processes of a 50tpd oil press plant.

Colorful diagrammatic illustration, uses and function(s) of the different Shea nut oil refinery plant processes of a 20tpd oil refinery plant.

Public work Specification & Responsibility: Coverage of the circulating cooling water, instrument air, power supply, auxiliary materials etc.

Sample Buyers & Sellers Responsibility: Coverage of the seller's supply & service, engineering range taken by the buyer, construction period, payment terms etc.

Cost & Profit Analysis/Hypothesis financing sheet of Crude Shea butter for first 10 years (10 yrs profitability & financial plan) including project investment table (Equity & Debt Capital) and loan amortization schedule.

Cost & Profit Analysis/Hypothesis financing sheet of Refined Shea butter for first 10 years (10 yrs profitability & financial plan) including project investment table (Equity & Debt Capital) and loan amortization schedule.

Chemical Consumption rate and Chemical loss rate for the refinery plant and usage.

Profitability Analysis of the Shea nut cake which is another income stream.

Transportation List of Major buyers of Shea butter abroad and details including marketing strategies & implementable sales strategy guide for new markets.

Feasibility: Risk Analysis & Strategy for risk mitigation of a Shea butter processing business.

Local Suppliers/Exporters of Shea butter and Shea nut in Nigeria with their contact details and addresses.

Personnel Plan: the Implementable hypothesis of Management team and staff members of a shea butter production plant.

Details of major Shea butter processing Equipment Suppliers, manufacturers, and consultants including major Shea butter refineries in the world.

Recommendations & Follow-up support.

Assistance in Contract sourcing & Commodity/Product Sourcing.

NOTE: The mechanized Shea-butter extraction and refining feasibility and business plan is compiled for intending and already value chain players of this commodity and to give a sound footing, knowledge, all detailed Information and to serve as a guide for the practical phase of this Business.

(Success) for the comprehensive Guides/packages/Feasibility documents and materials all in PDF Format sent to you.

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Unique 1000+ Business Opportunity Encyclopedia

The business opportunities in this book is a zero sum and the information it contains is worth its weight in gold. It analyzes unique business opportunities in 20 major industry in Nigeria and help one find business opportunity that fits one's passion, talents, skill sets, capacity and resources. It covers unique business opportunities in Automobile, Real Estate, Tourism, Health, Solid Minerals, Agriculture, Entertainment, Fashion, Art & Craft, Sports, Education, Security, Processing, ICT, Oil & Gas, Finance, Essential Services, Electronics, Transportation & Logistics etc. In addition, there is inclusive over 100 source of business capital sources and funding options. This time calls for multiple streams of income because the truth is most families are struggling with a single source of income. This book will help you to escape this rat race often bedeviled by financial distress. If you have anything to do with business, it is the perfect book to pick up from the bookstore.

Praise for the ‘’1000+ Business Opportunity Encyclopedia’’

Nwosu does it again with an opportunity thinking cap. The ‘’1000+ Business Opportunity Encyclopedia’’ will expand the frontiers of business and enables young population of this country to start their enterprise. Honestly, it is straight to the point; It’s informative, educative, inspiring, entertaining, eye-opening, Jaw dropping and everything in-between.

------ Evans Amaihian (A professional Accountant(ANAN) )

One of the challenges people have in business is finding a good business idea that fits into one’s talent, skill, passion and competence. This book of 1000+ Business idea with the name ‘’Business Opportunity Encyclopedia’’ will expose you to the whole world of business that will launch you to the level {you have been dreaming of} of fulfilment. Mr Nwosu is a talented young man who has been a source of inspiration to many through his books. I sincerely recommend this book for anyone who wants to start a business, get fulfilled and become happy in life.

------ Nicholas Aniekwe (MBA) (Rtd) , CEO and Chairman, Best way Reality Ventures and Mega showers Investments

I hope Nwosu keep producing more resource like this. He has been a positive inspiration for thousands of business people over the years, helping and providing them with resources and expert advice. He understands that the essence of life is for fulfilment and this is only possible by the beneficial use of knowledge and information to make significant contributions. I will attest to his character and competence. His relentless support and pursuit has been invaluable and beneficial to businesses. The ‘’1000+ Business Opportunity Encyclopedia’’ is an invaluable guide. 

------ Dr Kabiru Maitama Kura ,(MBA, MSC, PHD) {ABU Postgraduate School & MBA Project Supervisor)

I think there should be a meeting point or a way of bringing people who has business ideas and no capital and Angel investors who fund businesses. I know a lot of people who has business ideas but they have nobody to fund it, so if there is a way of linking them up with investors maybe for a share of the business will be great. The business opportunities I have seen in this book is wonderful. It is very elaborate and there are strategies and ideas you can apply to raise funds you will need for your business. This book will be a great asset to anybody who want to be involved in business. I recommend their book.

----- Saliu John Danasebe { CEO, Better life  Ventures & Best Life Empowerment Standard Trust Fund)

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Resource Guide to Agricultural Export Business in Nigeria


Business opportunities inherent in Agro-export; Opportunities in contract sourcing [Source & get paid]

Feasibility: Cost & Profitability Analysis -Cost executing each stage of the EXPORT process & percentage profit and analysis e.g 5,10,20,30,60 metric tonnes of ginger, based on it's local & foreign prices with inclusive of overhead cost.

Feasibility: Comprehensive Cost & Profitability Analysis -Cost executing each stage of the EXPORT process & percentage profit and analysis e.g 5,10,20,30,60 metric tonnes of Sesame seed, based on it's local & foreign prices with inclusive of overhead cost.

Feasibility: Comprehensive Cost & Profitability Analysis -Cost executing each stage of the EXPORT process & percentage profit and analysis e.g 5,10,20,30,60 metric tonnes of Cashew Nut, based on it's local & foreign prices with inclusive of overhead cost.

Feasibility: Comprehensive Cost & Profitability Analysis -Cost executing each stage of the EXPORT process & percentage profit and analysis e.g 5,10,20,30,60 metric tonnes of Shea butter, based on it's local & foreign prices with inclusive of overhead cost.

Address, Phone line and Email details of prospective foreign Companies based overseas you can reach for orders.

Details of Local Buyers of Agro-Commodities/Exporters to buy from you if you are a Product Sourcing Agent (Sourcing directly from the local farmers).

Local Contract/Buyers:How to set-up & get Local Buyers for agro products calling you asking you for Price & Product Quotation all year round.

Introduction to Export.

Export for beginners.

Agro Export Business Registration: How to register for the business and all the export documents required.

Export procedure

Export unit

Export planning.

Export financing.

How to get a product for export.

Transportation and logistics.


How to source for products locally with ease

Selling abroad.

Quality control.

Trade missions.

How to export your product duty-free to the US market with a comprehensive list of 6400 products under the African Growth and Opportunity act.

Foreign Contract Sourcing: The 50 Export trade sites you must have to find buyers.

Directory of AGOA product exporters in West African Countries, another great opportunity to start doing business with already established Exporters who are doing business with the Americans.

Trade Agreement/Securing export contracts.

Commodities Price list: Commodity pricelist of over 100 agro products, their local prices, foreign price and previous week prices in tabulated format.

* How to contact, negotiate, export and receive payment with ease, from clients in Asia, USA, UK, MIDDLE EAST AND LATIN AMERICA.

* Risk Analysis: Risk involved in Agro Export Trade from Nigeria *

Commodity Sourcing: Where, how and when do you source your Agro commodities in Nigeria at comparable competitive rates.

* Contact List: Where and how to access thousands of genuine International buyers with ease.

* Product quality, specification, classification, pricing, packaging and laboratory analysis.

* Payment System & Analysis: Export documentation and payment methods.

Freight Forwarding/Shipping Companies: Listing of all Registered Nigerian shipping companies, contacts and addresses.

*Association: How to become a member of the Exporters Association of Nigeria with their application form.

Checklist for Exporting under AGOA.

* Capital Sources: Accessing loan for your export business.

How to join and become a member of Manufacturing Association of Nigeria and access export incentive including the directory of Nigeria's registered members.

* All the manuals[production, grading etc] and resources on cashew and its export.

* Reputable Organization to leverage on to succeed[optional for you]

Follow-up Support and regular export updates.

NOTE: The Agro Export packs were written and compiled for intending and all those involved in the business options of these commodities and to give a sound footing, technical knowledge, all detailed Information and to serve as a guide for the practical phase of this Business.(Success).