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What Makes Chymall Different From Other E-Commerce?

As I wave my hand to extend to you my warmest greetings, I am bringing you good news. It's a business opportunity like never before and can give you financial freedom you have desired.
It's an opportunity in the Ecommerce industry. Exciting times are coming in the near future. New Retail is becoming the future of Ecommerce , subscription services looks to gain a larger percentage of digital market, and block chain automation and virtual reality becoming a global trend.
Let me introduce Chymall Ecommerce, a quantum product firm which uses New Retail model to generate profit for it's members. Mark it, "The future Ecommerce will not just be a place to shop but a place you will like to spend time". It's not just about channels but experience. Its not just about gaining profit from buyers and customer but making those customers profit takers. It's a total experience like never before. It's a win - win situation for the seller, consumer and buyers. 
It's a perfect passive income opportunity as it generate reoccurring profits from same principal in real time. Come along with me on this thread as I reveal all information about this global company (Chymall) everyone is talking about.


CHY Mall (CHY) is a Legitimate registered Chinese Online Mall that gives you the opportunity to invest and earn a minimum of 5% interest on your one-time payment investment every 10 days as the company trades for you. CHY Mall e-commerce allows members of its community (VIP subscribers) to buy products from its New Retail platform. By virtue of this purchase, they qualify to buy two of the same product at a wholesale price of 60% less the retail price from the wholesale shop of the e-commerce.
The two additional products bought at wholesale price are then featured on the e-commerce at 100% retail price and would be sold for you by the company within 10 ten days. Nonetheless, the company also gives you another option of shipping the products to you if choose not to sell the products on the CHY Mall platform.
In a situation whereby the products are sold for you by the company, your profit after tax deductions plus your trading capital will be automatically credited to your account. The profit after tax of each trade cycle (10 days) is 5% of your of your total investment (VIP Package plus trading capital).
Hence, to trade on CHY Mall would require two things; your VIP package registration



Office:in Malaysia and Ghana, Cameron, etc and active is 86 countries all over the world.

Business Model: *E-commerce*

Chymall is the perfect E-commerce company as Jumia, Amazon, Ebay, Konga, Aliexpress etc that allow people to own shops as VIP packages and upon registration, you become the owner of the shop and trade in it. The company sells the products for you and gives you the profit every 10- 12 days and return to you your trading capital and profits. adopting the concept of a new retails and wholesale system... That enable any individuals in respective of your knowledge in internet..accommodate every Individuals.

The new concept comprises of two major fold.
#1...Traditional.. E-commerce
#2....Social E-commerce.
This system involved a big data operation.

*What is E-commerce?*

Is the exchange of goods commercially transact through jumia, konga,etc.

Is a branch of business which focuses on the exchange of products and services, and includes all those activities which encourages exchange in some way or the other. Goods can be inspected before purchase but limited to some area.

Chymall company create enabling environment for the customers to get a high quality products and allowed the customers to participate in the new retails and wholesale , equally trades to make more money. The customers will purchase from the new retails and enjoy the benefit of the wholesale price.
Each of the wholesale purchase gives a total of (2) which you will re-sale it at the retail price on the internet.

FURTHER EXPLANATION OF CHY MALL BUSINESS  (CHY Mall is the new rebrand of Sairui Mall)
*CHY* as Shopping Mall  differs from all other shopping malls in that while every other shopping mall operates on the basis of traditional E-commerce alone, CHY combines both *E-commerce* and a new innovation called *New Retail* . In traditional E-commerce, only the seller has the opportunity to make profit while in New Retail *both the seller and buyer has the opportunity to make profit.*

First you pay a little amount called *sign up cost* to buy a shop on CHY MALL. Buying a shop means that you have registered as a member/trader in CHY MALL

The type of shop you buy (or your level of registration) is called *VIP* . We have *VIP1 - VIP 6*

On registration, CHY MALL gives you a *welcome gift* of product *worth your sign up cost* i.e. the amount you purchased your shop

You pay another amount to CHY * commensurate with your VIP level. This amount is called *Trading Capital*. You use your trading capital to buy goods for stocking your shop.
First you use part of your trading capital to buy *one* product at *retail price* from the retail section of the shopping mall. The purchase at the retail section opens the door for you to use the remaining part of your trading capital to buy *two* of the same product at *wholesale price* from the wholesale section.
The product which you bought at retail price is shipped to you while you leave the other two you bought at wholesale price behind in the shopping Mall.

CHY *then lists the good you left behind for sale at the retail section and then sells them for you within 10 - 12 days.* CHY then pays you the profit made within the *10 -12 days.*
The default or standing arrangement is that your trading capital *is returned to you along with the profit* every 10-12 days.
You can withdraw both your trading capital and your profit to end the business or you may choose to withdraw only your profit while you use your trading capital to buy goods again and thus repeat the process explained above and thus do another round of trade.
You can change the 10-12 day default by choosing *Autotrade* which runs automatically for *50 days* (5 rounds) or *100 days* (10 rounds). In autotrade your capital is returned to you at the end of the *5* or *10* rounds depending on how many rounds you choose. In either case, your profit is paid to you automatically every 10 - 12 days. One product worth your registration fee is also given to you every 10 - 12 days. The products for three trading sessions are however allowed to accumulate so that three products are shipped to you every 30 days (1 month).
The money you receive every 10 - 12 days in CHY is called *Store profit*. Store profit is earned whether you introduce someone into the business or not. In other words registerng others under you in the business is not compulsory. But if you are the type that takes delight in talking to others about the business you enjoy, whenever you talk to someone to join you in buying a shop on CHY MALL and the person actually buys a shop, in other words he registers, the company will pay you additional amount called *referral bonus.

The company also pays you part of the profit the person makes in every round of trade he does in CHY. This is done in four ways, namely:

*Chain store profit*
*Direct sharing profit*
*Service profit*
*Chain service profit*
All payments and transactions in CHY Shopping Mall are in *dollars* . Exchange rate is *1Dollar = N380*
You can withdraw your profit through your local bank account or through Bitcoin.

Physical vs Online Shops

Do you know that when all *physical shops* were asked to close down and everybody stayed at home, online shopping malls were still open, in fact they made lots of money because many people had to order products from them.  In effect all those who had online shops in *Chymall* were not bordered about the lockdown they were busily making money every 10-12days

What if I tell you that you too have an *opportunity* to own online shop(s) in *Chymall* and make money like us every 10-12 days?


🔔 It is an online mall which features a new model called the *New retail*. 

🔔It is the combination of the normal *e commerce* business (like jumia,Kikuu and  Alibaba) and  multilevel marketing. 

🔔This multi million dollars company is in actual fact giving 80% of its profit to partners via the same *New retail* model which is never present and never being seen in other online shopping malls in the world. 

🔔And this profit is made every 10-12 days.


✅I have decided to open a shop.

✅The first thing I need is a shop(empty one)

✅This�alone cannot earn me money, so I need to stock the shop with products or goods

✅Depending on the size of the shop, I used N50,000 to buy products and put in there.

✅At the end a period (say 10 days) all my goods were bought and therefore I get my trading capital (N50,000) + a profit(say N4,000).

✅At the end of the 10 days, I would have gotten N54,000.

✅I can decide to use the N50,000 to stock my shop again and keep the N4,000 as my profit.

✅Or, I can decide to stop trading and keep the N54,000.


“Commerce as we know it is changing in front of our eyes. E-commerce” is rapidly evolving into “New Retail.” ,” Ma wrote to Alibaba shareholders in a letter sent ahead of the New York-listed company’s annual shareholders in 2016. ”The boundary between offline and online commerce disappears as we focus on fulfilling the personalized needs of each customer. We anticipate the birth of a re-imagined retail industry driven by the integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain. This is why we are adapting, and it’s why we strive to play a major role in the advancement of this new economic environment.”


Q: When will expire?

A: This domain will expire in 3645 days on Tuesday June 11, 2030

Q: When was the WHOIS for last update?

A: The WHOIS entry was last updated 6 days ago.

Q: What are's nameservers?

A: DNS for is provided by the nameservers and

Q: Who is the registrar for the domain?

A: The domain has been registered at Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co.Ltd. You can visit the registrar's website at The registrar's WHOIS server can be reached at

Q: What is the traffic rank for

A: ranks 24,032 globally on Alexa

Q: What IP address does resolve to?

A: resolves to the IPv4 address

Q: In what country are servers located in?

A: has servers located in Hong Kong.

Q: What webserver software does use?

A: is powered by "Microsoft-Pls/10.0" webserver


They are unique products. Chymall deals in quantum energy products. These are products that solves real problems as health and different ailments associated to individuals. These products are quality and most are guaranteed to last over 200 years.

CHY Mall is a product base business, VIP members receive products at the end of every trade.

These are unique products some of the VIP members trade and receive every ten days. Century Heng Yue Group CHY Mall deals in quantum products which are efficient and helpful in natural healing. These products are biotechnologically manufactured to help balance the body’s energy.

Quantum energy implant products triggers a natural healing process in the body to keep the body healthy and fit always. Quantum implant products are also known to have anti-aging properties which delay aging, a typical example is the Quantum Beauty Spray, foot massager, quantum pendant, quantum ring etc.

Quantum Anti-radiation Phone Sticker

The Anti radiation Phone sticker is a VIP 1 product of Chymall group. It can be placed on phone, computers and many other Electric /Electronic gadgets to absorb the radiations they emit. I came across this wonderful product many years ago. And it works. By protecting you from the radiation emitted from your mobile devices, our lives can be much healthier. Scientific studies from research shows the kind of damage that Mobile Radiation can cause to our organs, especially our brains when we use these phone without protection.

Quantum Ring

The Quantum ring is a VIP 2 product. Quantum ring is a wearable or decorative material that carries quantum energy after quantum implantation.

When the jewelry is quantum implanted, due to the energy field carried by the quantum energy, the microcirculation can be improved from the microworld through contact with the skin, such as cold hands and feet, insomnia, multiple dreams, dizziness, headache, increase cell vitality, and accelerate blood flow.  And can form a long-term, stable quantum energy field at home.  Improve 360-degree physical fitness and get rid of "sub-health". Other VIP 2 product is Slimming Patch and beauty spray.

Quantum Beauty Spray

This is another unique VIP 2 product. It has the ability of releasing high energy negative ions, activate skin and promote micro circulation. Just add water to the spray pot and use for lifelong benefits.

Below are some specific uses of the product;

Quantum Energy Beauty Spray has the ability to inhibit bad breath: Fill the bottle with water and spray in the mouth after meals or anytime in the day or night, especially before bed.

Moisturize the skin, eliminate fine wrinkles, protect the skin, prevent skin cracks and help reduce rapid aging and promote general body beauty.

Improve blood circulation around the eyes: The product has the ability to relieve eye fatigue, improve dark circles and bags under the eyes when sprayed in the eyes.

Reduce foot and shoe odor when sprayed in shoes and dried in the sun and also when sprayed on the foot and between the toes.

Quantum Beauty Spray can improve hair growth, make hair brighter and smooth as well as eliminate static electricity.

Inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and degrade food additives when sprayed on the surface of food etc.


The Quantum Energy Eye glass is a VIP 3 Product of Chymall. What does it do? Quantum Energy Glasses contains negative ions, anti-blue-ray properties and quantum implanted which help correct eye defects, protect the eyes from stress, radiation and blue rays and promote the overall function of our eye.

Technology 1:Standing wave technology with quantum energy transfer. After 48 hours' quantum implantation, the glasses can carry quantum energy and promote eye microcirculation.

Technology 2: Anti blue-ray, AR antireflective coating, Protect eyes

Technology 3 : Negative Ions. An ion glasses is a new measure to protect the health of eyes.

Technology 4: Far IR


The specific functions of the quantum energy Eye glasses below include:

Promotes eye micro-circulation.

Prevents the aggravation of myopia.

Reduces eye fatigue.

Improves immunity and restore self-healing ability.


Quantum Energy Fuel Saving Card

Quantum Energy Fuel Saving Card is an innovative product. This energy saving card help reduce the fuel consumption of your motto, car and any engine operating machine up to 80%. Not just that, the card also help to increase the horse power of your engine, reduce smoke outlet of your engine and help improve performance and sustenance.

The Quantum Energy Saving Card is a breakthrough invention in quantum physics that can help save fuel, increase horsepower, reduce gas emissions, and extend engine life.its another VIP 3 Products from Chymall. Embedded 20000 negative ions, energy and FIR saves up to 10%-30% of gasoline fuel consumption. A quantum physics solution for gasoline savings in the latest generation of advanced countries.

Breakthrough technology is legal and fully compliant with safety standards. Space saving and easy installation. No blockage, no change to the DB box, no damage to existing wires, no electromagnetic interference. No service charge, completely free maintenance. Reduce gasoline waste, increase efficiency and power factor, and increase production efficiency.

Extend the life of automotive machinery and equipment. Efficient for all gasoline (lead or lead-free) and diesel fueled vehicles. The product is affordable and competitively priced.The advancement of science and technology has solved many problems in the society. The application of quantum technology has revolutionized the fuel-saving technology!

Quantum Energy Pendant

This is classified as the head and neck instruments. It is a classical VIP 4 product of Chymall group. Other VIP product is Quantum boxers and Moxibustion Physiotherapy Chip. Though amulets come in many forms, a wearable amulet worn around the neck or on the arm or leg in the form of a pendant is the most common. These are objects believed to possess magical or spiritual power to protect the wearer from danger or dispel evil influences. Quantum Science Energy Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. ... Quantum Science Energy Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body.

It can last a lifetime. Quantum Science Energy Pendants conserve their natural energy through their highly permeable and synergetic properties, they will retain their effect for 1000+ years so you don't have to worry about it not working one day. It also does not require any maintenance.

Specific Function include:

1. Improve blood circulation

2. Enhances the balance of the human body.

3. Promote the growth of muscle cells.

4. Eliminates toxins from the body.

5. Improves cell survival and promotes cell regeneration.

The Quantum Pendant is Recommended for People With the Following Health Conditions.

People who have health problems with their five internal organs.

People with poor spleen and stomach problems.

People with hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia.

People who consume health hazard substances like alcohol and tobacco.

People with insomnia or poor quality sleep can use the product to help them have good sleep all night long.

Good for people with tumor. The pendant inhibits tumor of any form in the body.

Quantum Led Spectrum Mask

Quantum Led Spectrum mask is a VIP 5 product of Chymall group. Other VIP 5 is quantum foot massager. Its a unique product that solves real health problem. Because the effect of quantum energy can also improve the micro circulation of the face and slowly discharges the toxins deposited on the face. This mask is made up of 100% cotton , non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin.

It can also be used :

As a face cleanser

As a makeup remover

To clean wounds


⭐No compulsory referrals.

⭐No compulsory selling.

⭐No Capital lock up.

⭐No imposition on members.

⭐No much dependency on referrals.

⭐No monthly Authorship

� �� *BUT RATHER* �

⭐Free will referrals.

⭐Relaxation for ten(10-12) days.

⭐Receive products after registration.

⭐Own an online shop for life.

⭐Every Ten(10-12) days profit making.

⭐Own personal account with the company.

⭐Enjoy Profit sharing.

⭐Bonus gains after free will referrals.

⭐Own Trading capital.

⭐Products gaining every ten (10-12)days.

⭐Can withdraw both Trading capital and interest/profit ,and present in 88 Countries with solid management.


♥♥The answer is simply, you multiply your earnings when you introduce this business to family and friends to join you enjoy together.

�I know network marketers will appreciate this part of the business because this is actually the part that can make you a millionaire in the next few years to come.

��SAIRUI/CHY Mall Business is Divided into Two Parts or Sections.��

�1. Just Trading to Earn 10-12 Days Profits.

� 2. Network Marketing /Multi-Level-Marketing.

�Just Trading to Earn 10-12 Days Profit

�The E-Commerce New retail platform which help our partners to trade the companies quantum product and get paid every 10 days without referring any one. Meaning its not compulsory to refer a prospect under you before you earn.

Understanding New Retail Further

Questions Arising? You may ask, what if the company don't get any customer to sell the quantum products one bought at wholesale?Answer is Chymall has unlimited customers already.

CHY markets or sells it's products to millions of existing customers in 88 Countries. We that are already in business. We buy from ourselves.

New members joining the business. (You start business by buying before you sell)

General public who wish to use our products so buy them for their benefits.(unregistered members. You just buy directly from the shop and it will be delivered to you. These are products you can that solve problems in real time. No financial benefits attached. This is the traditional way just as jumia, konga, amazon are doing with millions of customers already.


� *VIP 1 Total Pack cost = $25* (N9,500)
Products are phone stickers only. This plan is not tradable and does not generate any profit.

� *VIP 2 Total Pack cost: $140* (N53,200)
Every 10 days Profit = $7..(#2,660).
Every Month Profit = $21..(7,900)..
Plus product:...$150..(57,000)

� *VIP 3 Total Pack cost: $280*
Every 10 days Profit = $14 (#5,320)
Every Month Profit = $42.(#15,960)
Plus product:..$300..(#114,000)

� *VIP 4 Total Pack cost: $840* (N319,,200)
Every 10 days Profit = $42 (#15,960)
Every Month Profit = $127 (#47,880)
Plus product:..$900..(#342,000)

� *VIP 5 Total Pack cost: $1680*
Every 10 days Profit = $84 (#31,920)
Every Month Profit = $252 (#95,760)

VIP 6 Total Pack cost: $3,360 (N1,270,800)

Registration – $1200 (N456,000)
Trading capital – $2,160 (N820,800)
Total= $3,360 (N1,270,800)

Take-Home Profit:
Every 10 days – $168 (N63,840)
Every month – $504 (N191,520)

Products – Water Purification System


CHY Is a unique company that offers all you’re looking for in the world of entrepreneurship. CHY deals on commodities,trades for members,returning capital and profit every 10 days. They sell Quantum Energy Products and more,on behalf of their members. People all cross the world can buy your products from the Sairui/CHY shopping platform and physical malls across the world.

It is just amazing.

Sairui/CHY New Retail business registration and its corresponding trading capital for All Members depends on the VIP Level. This is a one--time payment,and you can earn money to infinity.

To own a shop/space on this ecommerce platform,you need to register with the following VIP packages and you get the company Products.

RATE is calculated at $1 = N380= 5.5 GHS

Registration + New Retail + Wholesale = TOTAL

VIP1--> $25(no trading is allowed for this package)

VIP2--> $50+$50 + $40 = $140= N53,200

VIP3 --> $100 + $100 + 80= $280= N106,400

VIP4--> $300+ $300 + $240= $840 = N319,200

VIP5--> $600+ $600 + $480= $840 = N638,400

VIP6 --> $1200 + $1200 + $960  = $3,360 = N1,270,800

Profit Per Trade

VIP1= No trading

VIP2= $7 = N2,660

VIP3= $14= N5,320

VIP4 = $42= N15,960

VIP5 = $84= N31,920

VIP6 = $168 = N63,840


VIP1 = earn on networking only

VIP2 = $21= N7,980 + 3 Products

VIP3 = $42= N15,960 + 3 Products

VIP4 = $126= N47,880 + 3 Products

VIP5 = $252 = N95,760 + 3 Products

VIP6 = $504 = N191,520 + 3 Products

VIP 1 Registration at $25: There is no trading on vip1. You earn from networking only.

Vip2 Registration plus trading total cost at $140 (N53,200): You get profit of $7(N2,660) and quantum product worth $50(N19,000) every rounds of trading.The products are either quantum ring,quantum belly button or quantum socks.

Vip3 Registration plus trading total cost at $280 (N106,400):You get profit of $14 (N5,320) plus quantum product worth $100 (N38,000) every rounds of trade. This can be either quantum eye glasses,fuel conservation card,or quantum compression facial mask.

Vip4 Registration plus trading total cost at $840 (N319,200): Receive profit of $42 (N15,960) & Quantum product worth $300 (N114,000) every rounds of trading. This can be either Moxibustion physiotherapy chip,or quantum chain and pendant.

Vip5 Registration plus trading total cost at $1680 (N638,400): Receive profit of $84 (N31,920), & Quantum product worth $600 (N228,000) every rounds of trading The product is quantum foot massager.

Vip6 Registration plus trading total  cost at $3,360 (N1, 270,800): Receive profit of $168 (63,840) & Quantum product worth $1200 (N456,000) every rounds of trading. The product is water purifier.

Note: The above profits are earned by trading alone from the comfort of your home,without any downline or referring anybody. Every 10 days you are paid both your capital & profit,and then you can place trade again.

This is just one aspect of the benefits of Chy mall known as 'Store Profit'.


1. CHYMALL New retail model which gives opportunities to members to buy products from their platform at wholesale price  meaning members buys directly from the manufacturers.

2. It pays VIP Members every 10 days and give quantums products freely with health benefits.

3. CHYMALL sells the products members buy at wholesale prices to consumers all over the world.

4. You don't have to recruit to earn from New Retail model. New retail model don't need  referrals 

5.You earn without referrals hence taking the stress off you but when you refer, you earn much more income from other sources.

6. It takes off further stress off its members by selling for them and bringing back their trading capital and profit every 10 days without default.

What Makes Chymall Different From Other E-CommeCHY MALL is using a new concept called New Retail and at the same time using the Traditional concept




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