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A great number of people attribute their low financial status to the current rate of unemployment and economic recession, but there are a few who strive to unearth business opportunities that can change their fortune.              

producer here can also earn from offering training and contracting services as well.  Another group are the exporters. Though it is a perishable item, it can also be stacked in boxes and sends to foreign buyers. To avoid spoilage, the service of air freight and couriers companies will be needed.     

Pineapple is a very delicious fruit. It is of course, a tropical fruit. Many find pineapple as a very luxurious or even exotic fruit. One of the reasons people love pineapple is the health benefits. Pineapple is eaten fresh, canned or juiced.    It is popularly used in desserts, in salads, as a complement to meat dishes and in fruit Co*ktails. The popularly of pineapple is due to its sweet-sour taste containing 15% sugar, malic and citric fruit acids. It is also high in vitamin B1, B2, B6 and C. Its protein digesting enzyme, bromelain seems to help digestion at the end of a heavy protein meal.                 

Prevents Constipation: As with a wide variety of other fruits, pineapple prevents constipation. It may also relieve constipation once you already have it. The main reason is because pineapple does contain fiber which helps with regulation. Many people believe that the best way to get the fiber needed to prevent constipation is to drink pineapple juice. In reality, the best way to get the natural fiber is through eating the fruit, as many pineapple juices tend to consist mainly of sweeteners and other additives.                 
Contains Several Nutrients: Apart from fiber, there are many other essential nutrients and vitamins that can be found in pineapple. Some of the main vitamins and nutrients that can be found in pineapple include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium and Potassium. It is very debatable as to what the best source of these vitamins and nutrients are. While they can be consumed through pineapple juice and canned or frozen pineapple, it is believed that the best source of these nutrients is fresh pineapple.                 
Provide relief from cold and cough: Pineapple contains what is called bromelain, which is known to relieve or even stop cold and coughs altogether. The main reason is because it is anti-inflammatory and ultimately, it is known to help with the loosening of mucus.                 


Pineapples are mostly planted during the raining season, in an alkaline soil. In Nigeria it is hard to find people who are interested in farming pineapple in large scales because it is known to take 2 years or more to grow and harvest the plant locally. Also the heterogeneous harvesting period per plant further dampens people interest as they only make money harvesting and selling in bits. But wait a minute, it will interest you to know that recent scientific research has made it possible to grow and harvest the entire pineapple farm at once within a year with much more bigger and sweeter species. The good news about this development is that you can now grow in commercial quantity, harvest and sell the entire farm at once within 1 year thereby generating fast income for yourself.                 

Getting your improved specie suckers ready
Dressing the root region of the sucker by pilling off the first two leaf layers of the root base to expose the young roots. This will fasten growth rate when planted. Under ideal condition planted suckers begins to root within 2 weeks.    When planting, the spaces between each plant should be about 2 feet only. This will discourage the growth of weeds and invasion of pest. After 3-4 months of planting you can then apply manure and fertilizer to further enhance growth.        When the plant is 8-9 months old it should be of sufficient mass to produce a good sized fruit. At this point you can artificially induce flowering. This will make the whole farm flower and bear fruit at the same time after 1 month after induction, a flower bud arises out of the central ring of young leaves 3-4 months later the crops will be ready for harvest.                 

Pineapple flowers naturally only once a year. The plants can sense the increasing day length by late January or early February (northern hemisphere). Plants that are mature enough will initiate flower buds that cannot be seen until the small, red bud arises out of the central ring of leaves 6 weeks later.  It requires another 3 1/2 months to complete the filling, maturation, and ripening of the fruit.       Therefore naturally, in all it takes 12-14 months for a pineapple to grow to maturity and another 5 months (February to July) for a mature plant to finally produce a fruit (in all 17-19 months).                 


For the past 60 years, growers have been able to 'induce' pineapple plants to flower at any time of year. Anything that produces ethylene gas will cause a mature pineapple plant to 'differentiate', changing from the vegetative stage to reproductive stage of growth.                 
Mature fields are induced in succession to suit the projected demand. In this way, a constant supply of fresh fruit can be marketed year-round.                 


Pineapples are subject to a variety of diseases, the most serious of which is wilt disease vectored by mealy bugs. The mealy bugs are generally found on the surface of pineapples, but can also be found inside the closed blossom cups.     Other diseases include pink disease, bacterial heart rot, and anthracnose.                 

Sure, like most other tropical fruits, it requires an arable alkaline land to thrive.      It is blessing that Nigeria has abundant of this arable land suitable for its cultivation also implying the productivity potential of Nigeria is enormous.      Imagine that its share of global trade has declined to the point where little of Nigeria’s Agricultural produce is seen in the World’s markets which makes Nigeria the sleeping giant of Africa in Agriculture. It is our responsibility to wake him up.           
Now, I want to let you know that as for pineapple, there are many production techniques. First is Sucker, second is using the Crown and also the slip. The suckers are protrusions which appear near the leaves while the crown grow on top of the fruit. The slip form below the pineapple; and from their ratoons, which grow out from under the ground. Seed is not desirable.  A recent study carried out in Osun State reveals that under the sole cropping system, the farmers prefer using suckers to the crown. Statistics in percentage reveals that about 58.3% of the farmers goes for suckers against the 32.5% for the crown while the rest has about 9.2%. With regards to private profitability, those who used the sucker earn more profit or return on Investment. 

I want to let you know that there is a big gap in the pineapple business value chain. Take it from me, the market is there, but the supply has never sufficiently met up to the demand. Looking at our dear country, Nigeria, Pineapple is mostly consumed fresh. There is large and increasing demand of pineapple products within the country. Because Nigeria is still a developing country, bulk of the total production are sold and bought in the domestic market. Also the fruit juice market has witnessed a tremendous growth overtime. That is not all, this growth is on a spiral trend due to increasing demand and those who tap from the opportunities and help bridge the gap in its value chain are smiling all over.           

We all have a part to play to increase our productivity quotient of this product.     Comparing Nigeria with the other world producers, Nigeria has a low productivity level of 8tons/hectare, contributing only about 5% of the world production of this fruit. Although Nigeria position in the list of the world producers is encouraging, majority of the harvested produce is wasted due to production inefficiencies, post harvest losses, low level of technology to facilitate processing of quality pineapple products and inefficient marketing system etc. So I encourage the prospective Investor to think outside the box and plan effectively on reducing cost & maximizes the potentials of this product in its value chain market.        Abundant rewards await you in profit and value.           

From research, standardization of technology, improvement of power supply to bring down cost of production of fresh pineapple and the adoption of growers, assured market for the produce and to produce pineapple throughout the year may go a long way in promoting pineapple industry in Nigeria. It is worrisome that Nigeria produces 979,000mt of pineapple while South African annually produces 100,000mt, yet, South Africa produces and export pineapple juice to us.      Worrisome indeed! Check the facts, a lot of this canned fruit drinks dots our super markets. You see! this is goldmine, fortune awaits one who invest in fruit juice processing.


As in any local product, when you process, you are increasing the value along the chain notably to the consumer and secondly increasing the shelf live. Also, if this encompasses proper packaging and marketing, this product will sell and sell very well especially in the cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc. I encourage you to think about the opportunity in pineapple production and see how you can position strategically in this areas.     

The equipment for production of Pineapple Fruit juice is readily available either locally fabricated and available in Nigeria or imported from China. This is for large commercial extraction of fruit juices. Our home electronic blenders can also be used to process fruit juice limited for family consumption. Processing technology for fruit is still developing and processing of this fruit with locally processed enzymes will ensure regular supply of clarified fruit juice for consumption.  Clarification of fruit juice is done to make the juice clear and attractive and is practiced particularly in the processing of pulpy and stony fruits such as banana, mango, paw paw, apple and guava. More detail about this production technology  and acquiring the machines is available in the materials.     

Production facilities to serve as a production setting will be necessary.  I advice you start on a small scale serving the need of your family and neighborhood and expand with time. This will cut down cost and provides you more experience and passion to grow big. Registration with NAFDAC is necessary as this will give your business credibility and exposure in the market. How to solve the problem of production facilities and registration with NAFDAC and Trademarks acquisition  are detailed in the materials.     

The major exporting countries of fresh pineapple are Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Nigeria, Malaysia and South Africa. Leading importing countries are France, Japan, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK and Canada.     
Now on the world scale, what drives the pineapple market? Think about it, think about it for a moment! I want to let you know that the retailers and supermarkets over the years with their leverage and influence over what varieties is imported define the market in Europe. When the big chains in Europe began demanding MD2 which is grown primary in Costa Rica, instead of smooth cayenne popular in Ghana and Nigeria, the industry as a whole shifted. It effects went viral, and consequently reflected on the annual growth statistics.     

Pineapple is highly demanded for local consumption, industrial use for the manufacturing of fruit juice and also as export commodity to countries like USA, Canada, and Europe etc. Therefore with very little capital deploying latest scientific discoveries you can actually plant, cause the whole farm to bear fruit at same time ripen at same time and you also harvest and sale the whole farm in one day, within a period of 1year. This will surely give you the financial blessing you desire all round the year.                 

Cost Estimate For The Cultivation Of 3000 Stands Of Pineapple.           
Hire of 1 acre of land for 1 year ……………………….                  .                  N30,000
Purchase of 4000 suckers ……………………………………N120,000
2Garden fork ……………………………………………………….                  .                  N2000
2Shovel …………………………………………………………….                  .                  .                  .                  N3000
3Hoes………………………………………………………………….                  .                  .                  N2000
Wheel barrow……………………………………………………….                  N6000
Miscellaneous…………………………………………………….                  .                  .                  N29,250
Total Cost……………………………………………………….                  .                  .                  .                  .                  (N192,250)

Expected Annual Income

Qty of harvested crops………………….                  .                  4000
Avg.                   Price per pineapple…………….                 .                  X N300

Revenue from Pineapple sale ................................. (4000 X 300) = N1,200,000

Other Income options: Sales of Sucker/Crown

Qty of sucker ......................................................... 4000

Cost price per Sucker .............................. N30

Estimate cost from sale of sucker  ............ (4000 X 30) =N120, 000

Revenue from sale of pineapple                 .                        1,200,000

Revenue from sale of sucker                                               120,000

Total Revenue                                                                        1,400,000

Estimated Expenses incurred                                                150,000

Total Annual Profit……………………….                  .            N1,057,750


  • Pineapple profile and analysis.                 
    Detailed feasibility studies on pineapple farming.                 
    Where to get fresh Pineapple for resale or sucker/crown for planting in Nigeria
    Where to buy tastier Pineapple cheaply for maximum profit.                 
    Pineapple Production Technology and Guide.                 
    How to use multiplication Techniques called Cyclic multiplication method which has increased farmers yield ten fold over the years.                 
    The Capital required to start-out as a pineapple sales merchant (Cost analysis).                 
    What to put in place to embark on the Business (all equipment needed).                 
    The specific secret pineapple market, pineapple traders visit in droves on the daily basis.                 
    How to get to Seme border from Lagos.                 
    How to transport your Pineapple from Point of purchase at Seme.                 
    How Pineapple are sold in Seme.                 
    How to resell to retailers.                 
    The profitability analysis of pineapple market.                 
    Where to source for Pineapple buyers easily(local & Abroad).     
    Guide to moving into the Pineapple juice Value Chain processing, manufacturing and Strategies to cut cost and maximize profit.     
    How to get production facilities and do all registration with the regulatory agencies such as NAFDAC almost for a penny including getting assistance on acquiring trademarks.     
    Comprehensive list of Fruit Juice producing companies, address and contact details in Nigeria.               
    Sample Cost layout and Profitability Analysis setting up a Fruit Juice Production firm               
    How to export foodstuff and perishable goods from your base in Nigeria to Individuals abroad.                 
    How to register your business ready for a Pineapple business.                 
    Export procedure to follow to export to Africans abroad running African shops.                 
    Export financing and cost involved.                 
    How to get product for export.                   
    How to get contracts abroad.                 
    Transportation and logistics.                   
    How to secure loan if you are in agricultural related Businesses.                 
    Risk involved in pineapple export and how to avoid them.               
    Assistance on land acquisition/lease in any part of Nigeria of your choice for this investment.               
    Assistance in getting improved suckers for your pineapple project.             
    Assistance in sourcing buyers of pineapple.             
    Bonus packs on guide to palm oil storage Business.                 
    Follow-up Support and regular Pineapple Business updates.                 

NOTE: The Pineapple business packs was written and compiled for intending and already value chain players of this commodity and to give a sound footing, technical knowledge, all detailed Information and to serve as a guide for the practical phase of this Business. (Success)   

07033097160  for the Guides/packages/training materials and start-up kits & to get all the packages all in PDF Format sent to you.  Cost: N6500.

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